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Show Off Your Halloween / Orange Cards! - Mine + Customs Inside!


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May 18, 2012
Since the official color for Halloween is orange, I thought this would be a fun thread. Show off your orange or Halloween cards! Here are a few of mine:

Surprisingly, Jose doesn't have really any special cards from the 90's that are orange other than this one. Super hard to find:

I looked for this card for FOREVER and finally found one last year at some point! IIRC, it came with pairs of certain Nike shoes. It isn't my favorite to look at, so I only typically bring it out during Halloween :p

Perhaps my favorite orange card, ever...I think! I LOVE the Inception colors:

Last but not least, Jose Frankenseco! A custom I did years ago which I only bring out for Halloween. This year, I did some enhancements and made some parallels - refractor, atomic & cracked ice.

What are some of your favorite orange or Halloween themed baseball cards?


Jan 19, 2010
That Canseco zombie card is something I would chase, even having no normal interest in anything Canseco specifically. I just love weird, oddball cards, especially parts of very small sets or one off issues. The NNO, mail-in, redemption, commemorative and other special cards popular in the 90s is what got me started.

Randy Shields

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Aug 20, 2008
For some reason when I saw Orange in your title Tanner the first thought I had were these '94 Flair Hot Glove die-cuts. I loved these when they came out and still do. I think I had most of them at one time. Pretty sure I still have the Ripken and one other. They're not worth a lot but I've always liked the looks of them.



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Aug 14, 2008
No longer own the Jeter but I do own the entire set of Orange Epix. Been in storage a bit sorry for the dirty pics
Will replace the plastics and penny holders when I get to it
Rather than beat a dead horse I'll show Mac off since I was scanning some stuff in that box anyways


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