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That Time I Accidentally Cornered The Market On A Card


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Nov 19, 2008
I have very eclectic collecting habits. Other than my Astros autograph collection (only 19 away from the all-time team!) most of my personal collection is so specific that I do not end up with a lot of competition.

The single exception to this is my Marwin Gonzalez collection. While I do not have a lot of competitors, there are enough to sometimes make it interesting.

While I was bummed he moved on from the Astros and joined the Twins, it did not lessen my admiration for his abilities. As a handful of Twins items started trickling out, I realized that I had a few more competitors for Marwin cards. When Heritage High Number dropped, I was excited that Marwin was included.

With every Heritage release, I always target the flip-stock parallel first. The 2018 Heritage flip stock has still never had a single copy hit eBay. So I was surprised that in the first week of HHN, THREE copies of the Marwin flip stock appeared. I put in snipes on all three just to cover my bases. When I came home that night from work, I was amused to find that I had won all three of them. What in the world am I going to do with three of them?

A week later, a fourth copy shows up and I bid on it with six days left to go. No need to snipe, because I don't really need it and if I get it cheap, that's cool. I won it. Now I had four of the five copies in hand, so I might as well go for it. Sure enough, two weeks later the fifth copy shows up on eBay. I bid, I win, and I wait. It arrives in the mail and I go to take a picture of them all together when I realize something awful.

The fifth copy is not the flip stock. It's the regular base. In a full panic, I check the other four copies to make sure I'm not a total idiot, but they are all valid flip stocks. I message the seller who says they must have just been mistaken about what it is and send me a refund. The disappointment of going from COMPLETED, YEAH!!! down to still-missing-one is awful. Not life-alteringly awful, but it still sucked. Now I wondered what I was going to do with four of the five flip-stocks. How lame is it to have four of them and not all five?

Then, last week, another one appeared. I knew it couldn't be true that all five had been pulled, but I risked it. I overpaid for it. (It's Marwin, overpaying isn't breaking the bank)

And now, because I put in three snipes in the first week, I have officially cornered the market on the 2019 HHN Marwin Gonzalez Flip Stock.



Jan 19, 2010
They are not serial numbered I take it then? I was not aware of the concept either. interesting how these little changes make examining your cards closely these days a must.

Brewer Andy

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Aug 10, 2008
Now would be a bad time to point out there was a production error in the 2019 High Flip Stocks and the print run may be significantly higher than 5 I assume? Not trying to be a downer! I haven’t read up on it completely so I don’t know specifics or if all players were affected but some breakers were reporting pulling 20/box across a case with more than 5 or certain players I believe.


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Aug 7, 2008
Yeah there seems to be something like 50 copies instead of 5 with weird distribution. Big thread on BO about it, someone got 5 Eloy flip stocks in a case of HHN or something like that.

I love that you collect Marwin. I enjoyed watching him on the Astros and Springer is my favorite so naturally this was in the first pack of update I opened:

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