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The October pickup thread


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Aug 7, 2008
La Jolla. CA
Pretty much took last month off but making up for it so far this month....

Scan15151 (4).jpg

Scan0909 (5).jpg

Scan9233 (5).jpg

Scan0916 (4).jpg

Scan0916 (3).jpg

Scan09234 (4).jpg

Scan0928 (6).jpg

Scan0928 (2).jpg

Scan9301 (2).jpg

Scan1004 (5).jpg

Scan107 (5).jpg

Scan107 (2).jpg

And my two favorites that I've been after for a long time (the UD Vintage especially):

Scan1006 (2).jpg

Scan1004 (7).jpg


Aug 1, 2015
Always wanted a Griffey auto but got overwhelmed when I actually looked for one to buy because there are so many. Saw this one listed recently and couldn't pass it up.

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