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The Oddball Discovery Thread


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Jan 17, 2010
Huntsville, AL
While I don't have an elaborate story to tell, thanks to a post on TradingCardDB.com, I learned about yet another variation of the 1991 Score All-Star Fanfest/National cards. I updated my blog post about them: https://clydes-stalecards.blogspot.com/2009/12/taste-rainbow.html

The new variant was apparently given out at the National Candy Wholesalers Association summer convention. As with the others, there were also football and hockey sets produced, and those are far more prevalent. The collector who mentioned the NCWA variant is going to post some images of the cards he has, soon. So far, I've only been able to find scans of a couple cards from the set, but like a dummy didn't save them at the time, and now I can't find them again. The upshot is I have another Hensley Meulens card to chase!


Jan 19, 2010
This is a page from a Canadian (probably published in Montreal) magazine called SportMania. It was around 1980-82 or so. They had certain issues that included pages with 4 small color photos with some bio info and had dotted lines around them like they were meant to be cut out and saved individully, like cards. Most were either Expos or Canadians hockey players, but there were a few random baseball stars. Garvey has one of the regular "cut outs" and this one you show, which as far as I can tell was the only one in this format. I wanted to add this detail earlier, but I also didn't want to bring unwanted attention to an auction listing I had my eye on that ended today. The seller had several Sportmania magazines listed although none featured the Garvey, but there was a different item they were selling that did include Garvey, which is what I am 99% sure to be the elusive 1982 Montreal News issue.

I don't know a lot about the grading companies and what they will and will not grade, but I suspect that something like this would probably not qualify. Essentially it would be a magazine page in full form or a magazine cut if the individual players were cut out.

Like mrmopar, I am an avid Garvey collector. My collecting interest is pretty much limited to cards and other gradeable items that were issued during Garvey's career. This means I'm dealing with a finite number of issues, and this makes it possible to complete my collection one day, albeit only academically.

Here's an issue I own but don't know much about.
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Here is a blog entry I wrote several years back that shows both versions of Garvey.

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