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Today's photo of the day.......Geeez, I forgot he played for them!


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Today's photo of the day will be a bit different as I wanted to feature players we all know and love but in uniforms that will surprise, and maybe even shock you. Many players played for teams near the end of their career that were different than who we remember them being great for so to see some of these guys in a uniform that is not how we remember them can be somewhat surprising.

Lets start out with an obvious one.....

Joe Dimaggio started out his professional baseball career with the Seals of the Pacific Coast League before being purchased by the New York Yankees in the mid- 1930's. The Yankee Clipper spent his whole major league career in New York....or did he?


In this photo we see Dimaggio pictured with his brother Dom on the left and Red Sox pitcher Tex Hughson in the middle. Joe was scheduled to appear in an exhibition game at Fenway Park in 1946 and was forced to wear a Red Sox uniform for two innings while waiting for his uniform to arrive.

Perhaps even more jarring than seeing the Yankee legend in an enemy uniform, is to see him in living color, sporting the colors of the Oakland Athletics where he spent the better part of two seasons as a coach with the team. Oddly enough, despite the fact he played many years in the Majors, DiMaggio needed two more seasons to reach the highest pension amount he could obtain and the only way to do this was to work with his friend, Athletics owner Charlie Finely and ask for an on the field coaches position. DiMaggio would complete his service in Oakland and never wore another uniform other than the Yankee pinstripes again.


Duke Snider roamed center field for the Brooklyn Dodgers and later the Los Angeles Colosseum when the Dodgers made their dramatic move to the City of Angels in 1958. We are used to seeing him in the familiar Dodger blue in the photo below.


Many baseball fans also know that when Dukes playing days were done for Dem Bums, he roamed the outfield for the startup New York Mets who played their first two seasons at the old and ancient Polo Grounds as part of Casey Stengel's rehabilitation projects.


The Duke of Flatbush would go on to play with the Giants before closing out his hall of fame career. Snider was brought out of retirement to be the television announcer for the expansion team San Diego Padres and would later go on to spend 13 seasons as the voice of the Montreal Expos. It is with the Expos that we see a rather odd photo of Duke, dressed up in garb of the Expos that really makes him look out of place.


I could go on and on with the greats who appeared in uniforms other than those we remember them in.

Richie Ashburn as a Cub


Jim Bouton as a Seattle Pilot when he wrote his famous book Ball Four


And even Babe Ruth at the end of his career with the Boston Braves.


Pete Rose with the Expos


Henry Aaron with the Brewers


And even Willie Mays with the Mets


I would be interested to see what other players everyone can come up with who played in uniforms that we forgot they played for. Post 'em if ya got 'em.


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May 18, 2012
DiMaggio on the Red Sox? Mind. Blown.


Jan 19, 2010
Even worse than the Mets, Snider played a partial season for the Giants. He was affiliated with the Expos later for a good many years as a broadcaster, so that is not as unusual to see.


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Jan 19, 2010
On the flip side, I love to see some really good players who appeared only shortly with the Dodgers. That list is substantial, but here is one that might surprise a few folks, as there were no cards to capture the event at the time.

Boog Powell was a Dodger!



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Wow! Great pictures. Here is one that comes to mind for me: Mike Piazza as a Marlin


Collecting Will Clark, Jay Buhner, Kyle Seager, Wil Myers, Dylan Bundy, Taijuan Walker and Christian Yelich rookie and autos.


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Aug 7, 2008
Oahu, Hawaii
Awesome thread!
I thought the DiMaggio was photoshopped and you were kidding. But then I kept reading and woah, it's real!
And I always thought he looked weird in the A's colors.

Duke Snider in an Expos uniform is freaky too. I didn't know he was their announcer.
And of course The Babe as a Boston Brave is always weird to see.
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Sep 9, 2011

Never played for them but was traded to the team.

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