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Topps Bunt Thread

Philip J. Fry

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Aug 9, 2008

Ready for Opening Day? Topps BUNT 2014 is the exclusive digital trading card app of Major League Baseball. Join Mike Trout and get into the thrill of the chase of digital collecting.

This is your chance to collect, trade and play cards with the best baseball card collecting community in the world. If you love baseball, BUNT is your app. Sign up now!

What’s new for 2014?
•Our enhanced user interface mixes a sleek, new design with a more user-friendly experience to maximize fun.
•Tired of one base card per player? How about five! In 2014, all players will have five base cards, each one scoring differently based on rarity with our newly-designed cards.
•All-new expanded trading now allows for up to 18 cards to be swapped in a single deal! And with our new Trader Score you'll be able to rate your fellow fan on every offer proposed.
•Limited-print cards will finally offer a better idea to BUNT Nation about exactly how many of a certain card there will be. But you'd better hurry, once a certain number of them are pulled, that card will automatically be sold out!

Topps BUNT 2014 Features
•Authentic and Official Collecting: Collect singles or multiples of 300+ of today’s hottest Major League Baseball stars on the exclusive digital trading cards from Topps. New players added every week.
•Real-time Valuation: Is your favorite player in a slump? Cards change in value based on actual on-the-field performance, all in real-time. Use all-new interactive charts, player rankings, and heat indexes to scope out players on the rise or down in the dumps.
•Real People Matter: Card conventions weren’t run by robots. Chat and trade with your actual friends and neighbors, not with bots or simulators, using deep Facebook and Twitter integration. Will you earn Fan of the Week honors?
•Strategic Trading: Can’t get that superstar or that guy with the mullet? Try 9-for-9 trading to get the rarest or most coveted of cards, but choose your cards and your trading partners wisely.
•Creative Completion: Complete to the beat of a different drummer. Mix and match your collection and get rewarded for fun and interesting collections, like the “All Mustache Club.”
•Constantly Informative: Don’t just collect, but learn about your players, from their stats to their superstitions. Stay up-to-date and in the know as the back of the baseball card is digitally reimagined.

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Check out our fan page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ToppsBUNT


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Jun 23, 2011
Santa Cruz, CA
I just started a few days ago. Its cool opening the digital packs. But i have no idea what to do after that. I got a few cards, but not sure if i have anything that anyone wants. Anyone have any tips? And im astroburn on bunt as well as here.


New member
Nov 1, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
I've become a BETA tester for the Android version, but because I'm outside the US, I cannot download it yet.
I'll post my username once I'm able to get hooked up.


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Feb 22, 2013
I downloaded, signed up, now what? I can't seem to figure anything out. So far not a straight forward explanation of what to do with it.



Well-known member
Apr 6, 2010
The Poconos
BTW way, my bunt username is jaybrucefan.

Added you, but don't look for explanations here, I don't get the game much either...something about using the cards you get from the packs to make a team and play them each day for points


New member
Nov 1, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
Added you, but don't look for explanations here, I don't get the game much either...something about using the cards you get from the packs to make a team and play them each day for points
You earn coins every day you log in. You use those coins to buy virtual packs.
You "play" up to 9 cards at a time, and based on each players performance, you earn or lose points.
There are common (white,) uncommon (green,) rare (red,) scarce (silver) and super rare (gold) variations. Think of everything above common as a multiplier. Uncommon earns more than common, rare more than uncommon and so on.
Right now, starting pitchers are where it's at. They can earn you a ton of points if they have a good game, They can also lose points, so choose wisely.

What I like to do is when I get up in the morning before work, I use mlb.com 's schedule for the day, and select pitchers and hitters based on that.
I will play as many players as I can for a specific time period. For example, if there are a couple of 1pm games, I will fill my line up with players from those games. Then, I will do the same for 4-5pm games, again at 7pm, and 10pm (EST.)
You can get even more detailed if you want to..like for example, if you choose a starter, and he is getting killed, you can remove him at any time. You will still score, or lose points for the time he is in your line up, but you can replace him with a reliever, hitter, whatever you choose. Sometimes, is makes more sense to remove a starting pitcher and replace them with a batter if that batter is having a great game. Just remember you only score (or lose) points for the time they are in your line up. If a pitcher starts off bad and has a couple rough innings and you choose to remove him, you stop receiving (or losing) points if he happens to straighten things out, unless you put him back in the game.
Hope that helps some!


Active member
Jun 14, 2010
Ontario, Canada
This must be the online game that got Baseball Boss shut down a few years ago. It was a great collecting/playing game but it ended abruptly amist rumours that Topps was putting together it's own online game and found a way to sue the makers of Baseball Boss and get them shut down.

Is Bunt free or do you have to buy a subscription? I'll probably give it a try. It sounds pretty addictive, especially with the real-time scoring and allowing you to change your lineup mid-game.

- Rodrick


New member
Nov 1, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
it is free, although you can buy additional coins in game. You don't really have to though since you get coin everyday as long as you sign in. 1000/day and 9000 on your 7th straight day.
You also get coins for other things as well. Like finishing up a team set for example.


Active member
Aug 7, 2008
Just added those who have listed their ID's. Feel free to add me CSprings is my ID.

If you need a particular card lmk and I'll help if I'm able.

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