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Two box break of Topps Holiday Mega Box

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Greg Cleveland

Well-known member
Aug 9, 2008
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
Ordered via Topps. They had a real short window before they sold out onsite. I suppose these will be "available" at Wal-Mart, if you can find them. I haven't been to Wally's for a long time to look for cards, but special stuff like this always seems to never make it to the floor.

Anyway, fun break, just a bit short of a full set from two boxes, but I like the chase of SPs and parallels. Did not get anything rare, but good to get the big name rookies and a couple good variations. The box topper ornaments were nice too.

First, let's play spot the difference...

Nice to get a Wander GU...

xmas gu.jpg


xmas ud.jpg

Liked getting Soto and Abrams updates. Lindor was my favorite Metallic parallel. Also got Swanson, Riley, India, Urshella, Mountcastle and a few others.

And my box toppers...

Merry Christmas!

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