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Unveiling my revamped list sorting system for personal websites


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Aug 9, 2008
East Greenwich, RI
Check it out here: http://www.royoswalt44.com/base-inserts-parallels.html
This has been a labor of love folks.
Currently, not everything is perfect.
Firstly, the all years button is mostly for just opening and closing all the lists when they are present on the hover bar.
Other than that, things seem to functioning normally.

Firstly, all my lists, totals, and completion percentages are being controlled by jQuery.
If I wanted to add a new card, it's as easy as this: <li>2004 Roy Oswalt's Most Awesome Card Ever</li>.
It will automatically update all my totals.

Secondly, click a year, any year.
That button will float with you so you can close that list at anytime.
Next, if you float over that button for a little over a second, it will bring you to the top of that list.
So you can go ahead and close that year, and it will redirect the focus to the top of the page.

Now, open up two years at a time.
The floating bar will append that year in the correct order.
You can close any of the lists at anytime.
Plus, focus will be redirected depending on which year button you click.
This was mostly me fooling around with code.
Is it very practical? That remains to be seen. Does it look cool and does it function correctly? Yes.

Again, all of this is being controlled by CSS3 and jQuery.
The code is streamlined, so implementing it into a site would take little effort.

Obviously there are some things to work on.
I would like to get the all years button functioning in a better way.
And I would like to take your ideas and suggestions.

But mostly I would like to help those of you with sites.
You don't have to implement any of the styling to your site.
If you would like to just implement a way to add up your lists and completion percentages, I can help.

Here is an example I threw together for our Justin Duchscherer collector: http://www.royoswalt44.com/justin-duchscherer-example.html
Currently it's not working perfectly, but it would look better when attached to the collector's site.

Thanks for your time!
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Aug 9, 2008
East Greenwich, RI
Ok guys, today I have a huge update.
After much work, I have my entire site working in sync together.
Currently it's not working on Internet Explorer (great time to stop using it).
It looks terrific on Firefox and Chrome.
It's also not currently a mobile device friendly site (outside of a larger tablet).
I am well versed in HTML5, so eventually I will tackle that project.

On the home page, I have my stats displayed from the other pages.
The best part is that I'm doing this without a database.
I'm using a little Ajax and jQuery to programmatically add up my totals from other pages.
In other words, all I have to do is add <li>2004 Roy Oswalt card</li> to any of my lists, and everything is automatically updated.

Currently the code is perhaps a little too long for my tastes.
However, I consider it easily transferable to anyone who wants it.

The various "open all" buttons aren't working as well.
I'll be working on those this week.
I have tested each page extensively.
Bugs may still exist, so if you see something acting strange let me know!

If anyone has questions please let me know.
Thanks for all your support!
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