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Wanted to invite the forum members here to my break group on Facebook


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May 15, 2013
Fancy Gap, VA
Several of you where in some of my intial breaks when I first got started last year. I wanted to extend an invite to you guys on the forum. I usually post up 5 or 6 boxes a week to break in the group. I open both newer and some older boxes within the group. Instead of charging for shipping with every break I let people "stack" or build up cards. I then later let them know what shipping will cost when they decide they wanted them shipped. I recently had a person build up until they filled up a medium flat rate box. Anyhow I still have some spots open in the current round of breaks. Also I live stream the breaks on my YouTube channel BenG76show. Here is a link to the group if you'd like to check it out.


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