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Where do you draw the line? Baseball "RELATED" autographs.


Jan 19, 2010
I have talked about this a bit and i know there are a fair number of dedicated autograph collectors on this site. I don't expect a deep discussion, given the topic and the fact that autograph collecting is a specialized area that not everyone participates in, but I am just curious after seeing a baseball "related" autograph listed for an absurd price. Now when I say this, it was actually Dodger related and I am a bit of a fan of the weird Dodger stuff. I have moved outside of players, coaches, executives and such to oddballs like trainers, doctors, clubhouse manager, organist, announcers, assorted staff members, etc. I would probably add just about anyone from the Dodgers organization if it were a good price and something interesting. If the Dodgers had a mascot or even a super fan that was well known, or a stadium vendor (like a few guys in Seattle that I grew up seeing all the time at games), I'd even grab those.

I have to draw the line at a players wife though. In particular, and this would maybe be an example of the top level option in this category aside from those who may have been or are celebrities, but the example I was referring to was Rachel Robinson, wife of Jackie Robinson. On one hand, there is a slight draw to this, simply because she was with the man as he made his historic journey. However, there is clearly no direct relation to the team or even the sport that I am aware of outside of being married to the man. I don't believe she worked for the team or in baseball in any official capacity. If we are simply talking about a spouse of a MLB baseball player, why stop at Jackie? How about Jim Golden's wife? Charlie Hough's wife? Clayton Kershaw's wife? You get my drift, I think.

Again, some may have been famous on their own and there is always a group that chase that sort of thing as well. Don Hoak & Tom Neidenfuer's wives are two Dodgers that come to mind that had celebrity fame outside of their husband's baseball connection. I'm sure there are plenty more within and outside that organization, including Marilyn Monroe. but here, I am talking about normal people who just happened to have married athletes.

What really brought this on was someone asking $150-200 for a cut Rachel Robinson signature. She is 98 after all, but is still alive as far as I know. i don't know if she'd still sign a request from someone through the mail, but the thought that anyone would pay that much for a signature, let alone a simple & boring cut, is pure insanity to me. I'm sure others might think the same to hear that I maybe forked out $20 for a Danny Goodman (Director of Marketing/Promotions), but at least he is known to many within the game and has a clear connection to the history of the team.

Anyone else collect anything crazier?

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