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Nov 4, 2009
Who's feeling it? I'm going be there live along being at NXT and Axxess on Friday night. Might catch Baby Cakes game there along one indy show


Nov 4, 2009
Mojo Rawley and Becky Lynch (couldn't get a picture with her) threw out first pitch of New Orleans Baby Cakes game

IMG_7290 (2).JPG


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Nate Colbert 17

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Aug 10, 2008
From an action standpoint, the Takeover shows are usually better than the associated PPV show.

So far Wrestlemania has been pretty decent. (I’m glad the put the belt on Nia.)

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Super Mario

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Mar 1, 2009
Mushroom Kingdom
WrestleMania 34 Reaction.

-Andre The Giant Battle Royal.
This match ended pretty much how I expected it to. Bray Wyatt gets involved to help Matt Hardy win. It was predictable, but the fans seemed to love it, and at the end of the day that’s really what it’s all about. WWE used the Andre battle royal to further the Wyatt/Hardy storyline and I’m cool with that.

-Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali.
I expected this to be a really fun match filled with a bunch of high spots, and that’s what it was. Two extremely athletic wrestlers showing off their skills. I wasn’t able to watch all of this match due to a temporary internet outage, but what I did see was pretty hard hitting action. I had Mustafa Ali picked to win, but can’t really be upset WWE chose Alexander instead.

-Women’s Battle Royal.
I didn’t find this match very entertaining. It started off really weird, and I thought the end was a little silly too. I had Mandy Rose picked to win because WWE wants to push Absolution, and I didn’t think they would go the Bayley or Sasha Banks route because neither one of them really need the win, and when it looked like they were going that direction after Bayley eliminated Banks seemingly for the victory, we got the Naomi swerve at the end. Meh. WWE wasn’t doing anything with Naomi before the battle royal, and they’ll continue to do nothing with her after the battle royal. Pointless choice.

-Intercontinental Title Match.
Headed into WrestleMania this was the match a lot of fans were most looking forward to, and I honestly don’t believe they disappointed anyone. The match was fast paced and action packed with a lot of fun spots. I wanted to see The Miz retain his title, but I’m not upset with Seth Rollins winning. WWE is really pushing the LGBT agenda with Finn Balor right now, it will be interesting to see what direction that takes, if any at all.

-SmackDown Women’s Championship Match.
In what has to be the most surprising outcome of the evening, Charlotte put an end to Asuka’s undefeated streak while retaining her title. These two women put on a fantastic match, which I don’t think surprised anyone. What is surprising is Asuka submitted. I had Charlotte picked to win, but I didn’t see Asuka tapping out. I know a lot of fans are upset at the outcome, but hey, the undefeated streak has to end at some point. I said before the match WWE should have Asuka win the title, remain undefeated for another year and face Ronda Rousey in the first ever women’s main event at WrestleMania. I said that because I didn’t see WWE ending Asuka’s undefeated streak right now, but I do think if the company is going to go in the direction of having a women’s match headline WrestleMania next year then Charlotte vs Rousey would be a bigger attraction, and a much better match.

-United States Championship Match.
Before the show started my friends and I were making our picks for the matches and for some reason I totally forgot Jinder Mahal was involved in this contest. Had I remembered I probably would have chose him, but I was so wrapped up in God damn Rusev Day excitement he was my selection. Honestly, I regret nothing. Happy Rusev Day. This was a fun match, and I’m not surprised Mahal won considering the Saudi Arabia show is close.

-Rousey/Angle vs HHH/Stephanie.
Surprisingly most people are considering this the best match of the night. I think most people went into it with such low expectations that is blew all those expectations out of the water. It was definitely the first match on the card that seemed special. It was the first one my group of friends who were gathered to watch were invested in. Rousey’s entrance store was awesome. I’m a huge Roddy Piper fan, and I think the best part of Rousey being in WWE is she’s bringing Piper back into the limelight through tribute. I could have done without HHH and Stephanie’s elaborate entrance. I understand that’s Triple H’s thing, but it was basically the exact same entrance they did last year, so at least try to do something different. The match was surprisingly fun. I expected an absolute clusterf*ck with a ton of botches by Rousey, but she only made one glaringly obvious mistake while trying to suplex or throw Stephanie. I’m still not sure what she was going for, but whatever it was it didn’t happen correctly. Best match of the night up until that point.

-SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match.
This match went down how I expected it to. Domination by the Bludgeon Brothers. I love New Day, and the pancake entrance had me cracking up, but there was no way I saw them or the Uso’s winning this match. I won’t be supposed of we see an Authors of Pain main roster debut on SmackDown this week to challenge the Bludgeon Bros.

-Undertaker vs John Cena.
I’ve not been an Undertaker fan for a very long time. We’re talking since like 1995. So at this point every Undertaker match I watch I hope is the very last one. The stuff with John Cena in the crowd was fun, and will create fantastic memes in the future, so I like that aspect of this. The match itself was not surprising to me. Undertaker is limited physically, and after all the bad things Cena had to say about the Deadman a squash match makes sense. It gives the fans what they want, and makes Undertaker look phenomenal in what may be his last WrestleMania match.

-Bryan/Shane vs Zayn/Owens.
I wanted to see a Shane McMahon heel turn in this match, then Bryan overcoming the odds and winning anyway, but since Shane is the SmackDown commissioner he just goes above Bryan’s General Manager head and rehires Samy and Kevin on Tuesday. That didn’t happen, but it was still an extremely entertaining match that was very physical. The Coast-To-Coast Shane hit on Zayn was awesome. I cringe every time I see an apron power bomb.

-RAW Women’s Championship Match.
For some reason a lot of people expected Bliss to retain in this match, but there was no way after the build-up I saw her winning. There’s no way after all the terrible things Alexa said about Nia in the weeks leading up to this match she should have been victorious. The bully can’t win, and that would have been terrible on WWE’s part to go that direction, especially with Finn Balor’s LGBT display earlier in the evening. Good call by WWE to show that bullies don’t win in the end.

-WWE Championship Match.
I expected this to be match of the night. I did enjoy it, but it wasn’t as good as I imagined it would be. The swerve at the end with Nakamura turning heel on Styles was fantastic. I can’t wait to see what Shinsuke can do as a heel in WWE.

-RAW Tag Team Championship Match.
Stupid. This.....was.....stupid. Nicholas? So dumb. Apparently this is referee John Cone’s kid. It was entertaining, but I think it was a lost opportunity. It could have been a spot to elevate a new talent, or bring back a legend. Braun literally walked right past No Way Jose in the crowd while searching for Nicholas. I hope Nicholas gets Brogue Kicked in the face on RAW tonight, and this is coming from someone whose least favorite wrestler of all time is Sheamus.

-Universal Championship Match.
Match of the night. The crowd should be ashamed of themselves. The same fans who were sh*tting all over this match are the exact same fans who would be booing Roman Reigns if he won. Brock and Roman put on one hell of a performance. It was a very physical match with a ton of suplexes and F5’s, and just when you thought an extremely bloodied Roman Reigns was going to make the comeback for the victory, Brock does what Brock does and puts an end to that nonsense. Fantastic finish to the show, but I’m really disappointed in the SuperDome crowd.

Overall WrestleMania 34 was a really fun event. No, not everything went how I expected it to, or thought it should have, but upon reflection, it was very entertaining.

I was absolutely cracking up during the Elias segment with Cena. That was fantastic.


Nov 4, 2009
Being there live the crowd was hot for Ronda Rousey, Nicholas the Kid, and The Undertaker. I was shocked Charlotte broke Asuka winning streak. What happen in New Orleans streak ends. Undertaker squashing Cena washed away the stench from his stinker of a match from last year. As for Brock/Roman match crowd shat all over it and leaving during middle of the match. There was a wave and chant of 'This match sucks!" and "Delete!" during it. When it comes to Shinsuke you get two versions, the uninspired or go full force at it. We end up getting uninspired one. My favorite matches are Seth vs Finn vs Miz, Charlotte vs Asuke, Ronda/Angle vs Triple H/Stephanie, and Undertaker vs Cena.


Nov 4, 2009
Photos from the weekend. Ran into few wrestlers from Wildkat, an indy promotion in Louisiana. The wrestlers are Matt Lancie, Jaden Spade, and Curt Matthews. They were at N'awin Sports for meet and greet. They had a show that night at Wrestlecon.
Went down to one of many WWE Superstores. This is at convention center where Axxess was at. While there saw Elias with a camera crew doing a feature. Got video of it
First cosplayer I saw down there as there's a Lady Kane
I saw this guy performing outside the convention center to WWE themes. I ran into him at Bourbon St the next day performing. He was freaking awesome
Went to Crash show at Wrestlecon. Fun two hour sprint of a show. Here few pics from it. You got Damian (Latino World Order exists), Bestia 666, Aeroboy, Laredo Kid, and Brian Cage before the show


Nov 4, 2009
Pictures from Axxess
I got James Ellsworth and Great Sasuke at Joey Janela Spring Break show. As for show I regret going there. Advertised at 11:55 PM didn't start til almost 30 minutes later. Lasted through five matches when I took a look at the time and it was past 2 AM. First time I left a show early. Reportedly Pierre (of Quebecers fame) vs Walter was good but I falling in and out of sleep during the match. I did catch Pierre going for moonsault to outside and nearly killing himself in the process.


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