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You may notice some down time tomorrow at 10:00 am.


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Hey guys. Some new hardware is going into the server tomorrow and it may result in a bit of down time.

I’ve got a redundant server in place but some isp aren’t quick on the draw routing stuff around. If you can’t get to the site tomorrow please bear with us while we make these changes.

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This explains things a little I guess. I hadn't been on for awhile due to a death in the family but getting back on to this site was a real <female dog>...firefox kept telling me they don't trust this site, it's not secure, admin will steal my my info and wouldn't let me in...then when I found a way past that via another route onto here it kept redirecting me to some porn site -> https://www.sp411.cc/

May have had something to do with this, I dunno....but thought I'd let you know.


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Jun 22, 2015
Vancouver WA
Yeah, strange things here happening for me too... I just thought it was part down time, but my protection blocked me from going here for a while.

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