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  1. banjar

    Oct. Night Crew

    Jesus man. Well, welcome back. Here's hoping for a bug-free 2021 for you. And me too, come to think of it. I'm just turning in now. A long day of working on the house, then I hung out with a friend over a bottle of wine, and then scanned some baseball cards. Up to 1162 Alomar cards...
  2. banjar


    Now that is a Fact, Jack.
  3. banjar

    1997 Topps Stars All-Stars: WTF?

    Oooh! Nice one. If I had the $ to chase 90's insert sets, this one would be near the top of the list.
  4. banjar

    New guy

  5. banjar

    A tale of 4 Ruth's

    That's a really cool post. As far as the cards go, I'm with Stanwood. I like #2 the best - the colors are really vibrant and it makes Ruth's face really evocative. Second choice would be #3, the pinhole one. You scored on that.
  6. banjar

    Oct. Night Crew

    Oh my goodness. I've never seen anything quite like that.
  7. banjar

    Factory miscuts or aftermarket?

    I didn't see that Garvey/Palmer on ebay, but if it's being sold by the same seller as the Grace/Sandberg: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ryne-Sandberg-Mark-Grace-Cubs-1991-Post-Collector-Series-Miscut-RARE-Oddball/224167699061?hash=item34316fa275:g:2MQAAOSweohfa3VB then it's positively an...
  8. banjar

    Are we in a bubble....

    I sure hope we are in a bubble, and that somebody out there has a nice sharp pin to pop it with! Seriously, yes, I do think we are in a bubble. I don't know how much prices will fall when the bubble pops, and of course that depends greatly on what kinds of cards we're talking about. But prices...
  9. banjar

    My recent '98-00 Topps Tek box breaks...

    Nice hit in that second box! If the 98's had Alomar pattern 13, 34, 36, 41, 52, 63, 70, or 82, I'll be glad to buy them. Same for 2000 pattern 16.
  10. banjar

    Obscure player collections?

    Not a bad resume. I'd trade my career for his any day...
  11. banjar

    Obscure player collections?

    Ah, Jeff Reed! The Colorado Rockies' own Jeff Reed! I had forgotten about him, but I do remember the old dayz when he was our catcher. Seemed like a cool guy. I had no idea he played 17 seasons in the majors until I looked up his stats just now. Only totaled 4.4 WAR, but hey, I have a soft spot...
  12. banjar

    Oct. Night Crew

    Hey, where's CardCop these days? Any sightings on this or any other board? James, where are you?!?!
  13. banjar

    Oct. Night Crew

    Well, yeah, maybe the Rockies won't make a "pitch" for him. But he's a guy who once had some success and is now basically washed up, so I can see Jeff Bridich going after him thinking he can get him on the cheap, and bring him back to his Cy Young form. Speaking of which, if you take that one...
  14. banjar

    Oct. Night Crew

    Just for the hell of it, one of tonight's scans...
  15. banjar

    Oct. Night Crew

    Colorado. He's EXACTLY the kind of guy we'd pick up during our kind of offseason.

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