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    New Errors Discovered in 1995

    This reminds me of how unappreciated that Arod buyback superfractor that popped up on here was. Sweet find OP. I would get them graded for sure.
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    New Alan Trammell collection website

    @UMich92 - Thanks for checking out the site! Anything you can find I am willing to trade way in your favor for. It is a very slow go picking up anything I need from the past.
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    New Alan Trammell collection website

    @mouschi - thanks! @1998 SPx - I never really thought of a favorite card. I guess there are a lot of different ones. 1988 Topps because thats my favorite topps design and one of the first sets I collected. The Pinnacle museum collections are great too because of the dufex. The 1995 Electric...
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    New Alan Trammell collection website

    Greg - thank for checking out the site. I still haven't added all of my oddsized stuff, stickers, mini cards, oversized stuff. A lot of the team giveaways are in that binder. The list should be pretty thorough - the 1982 Blackless was left off as were any show stamp, sample, print error cards.
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    New Alan Trammell collection website

    Thanks everyone for checking it out! @DragonWagon - One day I will scan the backs....one day..... @Randy Shields - I too started collecting in the 2000's...there were a few good years of prices. Now they are a little high for my tastes. Also - Randy Rhoads is one of the best. Just picked up a...
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    New Alan Trammell collection website

    Hey all - don't post much - but I have learned a ton from this board. I am just about done with scanning the card portion of my collection. Need to finish 2004 and rescan (made the mistake of taking pictures) 2005-current. Please let me know if you have any comments/suggestions - and don't...
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    WTB I'm hooked and I want more!!!! Recollection collections.

    Pickups are fewer and fewer these days, but looking at subsets of my collection I definately want more of these. The ones I currently need are (longshot, but what the hey!) 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings Recollection Collection 1982 DK /14 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings Recollection Collection...
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    Ideas for selling on ebay

    Mods move this if its in the wrong forum. Lately i've been selling more things on ebay. So far i've done a good job of getting rid of clutter. I almost only list during promotional periods so i avoid listing fees. In the last few months I have opened up some lower end old boxes, and have just...
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    Ouch Chances are this isn't real.

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    My 2013 Player Collection pickups Trammell and Higginson

    Im going to have a rolling thread of my pickups for this year. Hopefully it makes me keep track of my checklist and scans better. Anyway I am off to a huge start on the Trammell collection for the year. I'd say I've picked up a years worth already. Im currently at 1247/1585 on my checklist...
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    Rick Porcello to the Cubs/JJ Hardy to the Tigers? (Potential 3-Team Deal)

    Im in the camp that you shouldnt trade him. I might actually explore trading Scherzer. He would bring more back, and we wont be able to afford the foursome of Verlander, Scherzer, Fister and Sanchez. I dont think they shouldve have resigned Sanchez at all ( or at least what they paid)...
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    Leaf Wrestling Box break

    Picked this up from AIC's case break on a whim. Glad I did, i like the art (minus the hogan, its really bad). Anyway my break was One Man Gang Ivan Koloff Vader Alternate Base Dan Severn Yellow /99 Hulk Hogan Yellow /50 Glad to get the Vader and Hogan(even though its rough to look at). I...
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    Finally Scanned...and edited......My Bobby Higginson Collection!

    I dont know what the deal with photobucket is, but it isnt saving any of my edits. So I switched to flickr, which operates much better but is way harder to get a list of code since they rename your pictures. Anyway, here is a side collection I have to my Alan Trammell Collection. Last count I...
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    My side collection/project *updated 4/7*

    Since its few and far between on my Trammell pickups lately, heres a side collection. Enjoy! 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
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    My rolling Alan Trammell pickups

    I have fallen way behind on scanning, im hoping showing them off in this thread will keep me motivated here are my latest pickups, thanks for the look 1990 Donruss Blue/White Tests 2003 Leaf Certified Materials; first /50 , 2nd /5 2004 Donruss Classics Team Colors Materials Combo /25...

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