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Thread: 2019 Lumberjack Bingo: CLOSED

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    2019 Lumberjack Bingo: CLOSED

    [MENTION=5359]clarkzac[/MENTION], [MENTION=18372]RagingAcid[/MENTION], [MENTION=10415]caster513[/MENTION], [MENTION=2055]metallicalex777[/MENTION], [MENTION=4428]MrMet[/MENTION], @game****fanatic, [MENTION=2671]aarne13[/MENTION], [MENTION=3354]SportsWriterMAB[/MENTION], [MENTION=5808]nerdherd020[/MENTION], [MENTION=10181]CFD1415[/MENTION], [MENTION=4030]michaelstepper[/MENTION], [MENTION=5090]oiccup41[/MENTION], [MENTION=1815]chippernate[/MENTION], [MENTION=22997]Letch77[/MENTION], [MENTION=2477]Gwynn545[/MENTION], [MENTION=3662]WaxPax[/MENTION]

    Your "trees" are at the bottom of this post.

    We're still a few weeks out, but there's a bit of light reading to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with the game.

    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Good luck!


    After a 3 year hiatus, Lumberjack Bingo is back!

    If interested, please signup here:

    2019 Lumberjack Bingo Signup Thread


    Opening Day starts with the Japan Opening Series March 20-21 between Seattle and Oakland, but this game will begin March 28th and conclude no later than September 29th.

    Race your fellow lumberjacks to clear branches (complete levels) and ultimately harvest your tree (complete all levels) based on actual MLB regular season games.

    Branch Bounties (prizes) are available to the first lumberjack to clear a given branch without using a chainsaw.

    The Timber! Bounty (grand prize) is available to the first lumberjack to harvest their entire tree before the end of the regular season.

    If no one harvests their tree, a random tiebreaker will be introduced.


    Each tree is 100% randomly generated, and is comprised of 12 branches (levels) and the trunk (final stage).

    Branches consist of 1 to 7 scenarios. The trunk consists of 2 scenarios.

    Each scenario features an outcome from the 2019 season. Simply find an exact match for each scenario to clear the branch/trunk.

    If you are the first person to complete all objectives on a branch without using a chainsaw, you win the bounty for that branch! See the next section for details.

    You must start with branch 1, and may only clear one branch at a time before moving down to the next branch.

    Once a branch has been cleared, you may begin working on the next branch on the same day, but may not use an earlier date to clear it.

    Unless otherwise specified, each scenario within a branch stands on its own and must be completed in a single game.

    However, some branches require all scenarios to be completed in the same day. Those branches are clearly marked.

    Please refer to the Tools of the Trade section below for important links to be used throughout the game.


    If you are having trouble clearing any of the 12 branches, you can ditch your axe in favor of a chainsaw for immediate completion.

    No chainsaw is available for the trunk.

    Each branch has 3 scenarios that will allow you to use your chainsaw.

    These scenarios are located on the left side of your game card. A chainsaw may be used for a given branch if:

    1. The first team shown hits 4 or more home runs in a single game or
    2. The second team shown strikes out 18 or more opponents in a single game or
    3. The specific date shown in the far right column is met.

    If the 1st chainsaw is used, you have automatically cleared your current branch and may start working on the next branch the same day.

    However, if the 2nd chainsaw is used, you have automatically cleared both your current branch and the following branch. You may then start working on the 2nd branch down from your current branch the same day.


    1. Bounties cannot be claimed with a chainsaw. No shortcuts if you want the goods!
    2. Bounties that remain unclaimed on the branch completion date expire and are permanently unavailable.
    3. Once a chainsaw is used, that branch bounty is unavailable to everyone.
    4. Even if you have met a chainsaw's conditions, you do not have to claim it. Because, well...see #3.

    So, it's up to you if you want to sacrifice everyone's shot at a bounty if it gives you the advantage of additional time as you make your way toward a more desirable bounty or the trunk itself to win the game.


    If you complete a branch, please post your achievement in this thread, along with the date each scenario was completed or the chainsaw used.

    It's very important to post your achievements; not only for others to verify if they'd like, but also to help me confirm a winner.

    Otherwise, I'll post a reminder whenever possible when a branch's completion date (chainsaw #3) has been met so everyone can move on to the next branch.


    Clearing the trunk is the final stage of the game before harvesting your tree.

    Once you complete the objective shown in the trunk, congratulations! Your tree has been harvested. Please send me a PM with the date you completed the trunk.

    The first to do so wins Lumberjack Bingo and the Timber! Bounty. See below.


    Each branch has a different tree related theme with a potential bounty associated with that theme. The bottom left corner of your card gives you an idea of what's at stake. Beware though! Any use of a chainsaw, either by yourself or your opponent, invalidates that branch bounty and renders it permanently unavailable to everyone.


    At the base of each tree is a random selection of 5 grand prizes. The winning lumberjack will send me a PM with their choice of two. One of those will be sent to the winner.


    Please refer to the following links to help you clear branches and harvest your tree: is used to verify all box scores.

    Daily Hit Leaders is used to clear branch 1.

    Daily Save Leaders is used to clear branch 2.

    Game Score is used to clear branch 3.

    Bombs Away is used to verify the daily home run leaders if you have this scenario in branch 8.

    Lights Out is used to help clear branch 1 or if you have this scenario in branch 8.

    Baseball-Reference is used to verify season totals for individual players in branches 11 and 12 (homeruns, strikeouts, WAR, etc...). Simply type the players name in the search box and locate the 2019 stat needed. For branch 12 you can find their WAR by scrolling down to the section titled "Player Value--Batting" or "Player Value--Pitching". In that section, you'll see a column labelled "WAR".


    Look, up in the left corner! It's a bird, it's a's your bonus game. Cloud Nine plays independently from your tree. If all 9 of your players shown combine for exactly 9 hits in a single day, you may be a winner! The first to claim wins. *All players must be in action that day, and all games they play in must be counted (doubleheaders).

    *The only exceptions for this are if a player is on the IL or is not on a MLB roster that day.


    1. What is the most important thing I need to know about playing Lumberjack Bingo?
    The most important thing to remember is that each scenario must be an exact match to what is indicated, unless otherwise specified.

    2. What is the 2nd most important thing I need to know about playing Lumberjack Bingo?
    Easy. You are only playing one branch at a time. There are nearly 50 different scenarios to track between the tree itself and the Cloud Nine mini-game. Playing everything all at once would be overwhelming for even the most devoted seamhead. Instead, the game is broken down into very manageable sections. Also, I understand as much as the next guy that life takes priority. So, you are free to pop in and out of the game whenever time permits. You could even dabble with the first few branches in March/April, not return until September, and still have a chance to win the Timber! Bounty. It's a game for anyone, anytime.

    3. What am I trying to accomplish with "Initial Reaction" in Branch 1?
    This scenario features the initials of 6 major league batters and/or pitchers. To clear this branch, simply find the number of players required to meet the criteria shown in a single day. Simple as that.

    4. What is "Game Score" in Branch 3?
    Game Score is a numeric value developed by Bill James to assess a starting pitcher's overall performance.

    For the initated, the formula is: 50 + (1*Outs) + (2*IP after the 4th) + (1*K) - (2*H) - (4*ER) - (2*Unearned Runs) - (1*BB).

    For the uninitiated, it's a number. Higher is better than lower.

    5. Okay, so Game Score is for starting pitchers. What if one of my teams plays a doubleheader? Can I count both toward my total?
    In the event of a doubleheader, you may only use the higher of the two Game Scores for that team toward your overall combined total.

    6. What do you mean by "Top Individual Batter" in Branch 7? The generally agreed best player on the team?
    In Lumberjack Bingo, the Top Individual Batter refers to the player recording the single highest value in a single game for the scenario shown. Let's use the following scenario to illustrate:

    Chi. White Sox
    vs. Divisional Opp.
    2+ Doubles

    In order to cross this section off, you must have a White Sox batter record 2 or more doubles against an American League Central opponent (only Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland, or Minnesota). However, if the scenario said "2 doubles", the single highest double total must be exactly 2, not 2 or more. Always look at the scenario carefully to see what is required before attempting to clear it.

    7. Okay, I think I'm getting the hang of it. However, I have a "Lights Out" and/or "Bombs Away" scenario on Branch 8. Tell me more about that.
    These scenarios refer to the entire league on a particular range of dates. Simply go to the appropriate link in the "Tools of the Trade" section above and find the combined number of home runs hit (Bombs Away) or number of pitchers who struck out 9+ batters (Lights Out) within the range of dates shown in your scenario.

    8. Did I read the "Chainsaws" section right? I get no bounty for a branch when I use a chainsaw and I prevent everyone else from claiming it too? Seems harsh.
    It is...and that's part of the strategy. If the theme of the branch bounty doesn't interest you, why waste your time trying to clear the branch traditionally when a chainsaw will clear it automatically (plus the possibility of skipping the next branch as well with the 2nd chainsaw)? On the other hand, you may endure a bit of mock backlash from an opponent who really had their heart set on winning a Jim Palmer bounty, only for you to steal that opportunity from them. The choice is yours.

    Okay, enough rambling. Here are your trees!

    If any questions come up whatsoever, please let me know. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the game!



    1. clarkzac
    2. RagingAcid
    3. caster513
    4. metallicalex777
    5. MrMet
    6. game****fanatic
    7. aarne13
    8. SportsWriterMAB
    9. nerdherd020
    10. CFD1415
    11. michaelstepper
    12. oiccup41
    13. chippernate
    14. Letch77
    15. Gwynn545
    16. WaxPax


    I came across the following errors after the game already started. Here's how they will be handled.

    Branch 4: Team Pitching

    The following cards have an unreasonably difficult outcome in the far right scenario on this branch.

    Therefore, this scenario will be amended as follows:

    Branch 5: "6 Earned Runs"
    Branch 8: "6 Earned Runs"
    Branch 10: "1-32 Batters Faced"
    Branch 13: "1-32 Batters Faced"

    Branch 7: Top Individual Batter

    All cards show "5 strikeouts" in the far right scenario on this branch.

    This scenario will be amended to "3+ Strikeouts" for all cards.

    My apologies for the errors/oversight.


    Branch 1: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 2: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 3: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 4: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 5: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 6: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 7: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 8: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 9: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 10: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 11: None (Chainsaw)
    Branch 12: None (Chainsaw)
    Timber!: MrMet (2019 Topps Pete Alonso 150th Anniversary RC Auto)
    Cloud Nine 1: metallicalex777 (2016 Topps Trea Turner RC Auto)
    Cloud Nine 2: WaxPax (2018 Topps Heritage Rhys Hoskins RC)
    Cloud Nine 3: Letch77 (2017 Bowman’s Best Carlos Correa)
    Cloud Nine 4: game****fanatic (2017 Topps Dynasty Corey Seager Auto Patch)


    1. clarkzac: 11, as of June 10
    2. RagingAcid: 7, as of June 14
    3. caster513: 7, as of June 14
    4. metallicalex777: 7, as of June 9
    6. game****fanatic: 8, as of June 4
    7. aarne13: 10, as of June 24
    8. SportsWriterMAB: 7, as of June 14
    9. nerdherd020: 9, as of May 29
    10. CFD1415: 7, as of June 14
    11. michaelstepper: 7, as of June 14
    12. oiccup41: 7, as of June 14
    13. chippernate: Trunk, as of June 4
    14. Letch77: Trunk, as of June 27
    15. Gwynn545: 9, as of May 26
    16. WaxPax: 10, as of June 29
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