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1996 Skybox Brett Favre MVP complete after 23 years!


Jan 19, 2010
Back in 1996 when I was fully engulfed in the insert craziness and still buying packs of all sports, I remember this set catching my eye. I ate this kind of stuff up; special sets, exchanges, lenticular, acetate, leather, die-cut, etc. Anyway, I do not recall if all of the cards were seeded differently, but I do recall that at least the exchange cards were issued in different products. It was Skybox getting it's customers to buy it all. Side A was found in the basic Impact issue, where as side B was found in the Premium issue. If you collected both sides, you could redeem them for a special lenticular card, #3 in the 5 card MVP set. Now remember, lenticular cards were still pretty fresh in 1996 and I had to have that Favre! I don't remember if I just ended up buying it or if I actually tracked down the 2 exchange cards, but I ended up landing the lenticular card. I always liked exchange cards too, especially those with something on them besides text and/or a scratch off code. In this case, the two exchange cards together formed a shot of Favre. Of course, I also wanted copies of the unredeemed cards to go with what would eventually be a full set of 5 MVP cards.



Today most of the actual MVP cards can be found pretty cheap, even the lenticular redemption card, which is surprising considering you have to send in for it. I have grabbed 6-7 of them and sometimes burn small amounts of extra cash in my COMC account by buying the cheapest lenticular Favre they have. The leather card is pretty cool too. The whole set just takes me back to a time when inserts were fun and innovative. However, the B redemption has always been weirdly elusive for me. I have missed out on a few and they don't usually sell for a whole lot when offered, but when they do show up, it seems they are snagged fast. I would have to say A is much easier to find of the two. I finally resorted to a daily ebay search to track one down, as it was the last lingering piece to a long unfinshed quest. It took several months, but one finally listed a week or so ago and I could not buy it fast enough. In fact, it was so quick that I didn't even notice the seller was COMC! Normally, when I see a card on ebay that is listed through COMC, I log into COMC to find it slightly cheaper. Plus, I will have them shipped with my bulk order for the flat $4. This time though, I just bought it for full ask + s/h. My mistake, although a small one, but I have now finally completed this set with all 5 MVP cards and the 2 exchange cards. It only took 23 years!



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Jan 28, 2018
Nice...great job! There's a different feeling of accomplishment when you finish something that you've been working on for 20+ years. I completed an incredible 1996 Select Certified rainbow this year which I can't wait to show off (just waiting for a COMC shipping promo so I can have the last, more common card shipped from my account).

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