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1997 Pinnacle Mint Coins Gold Redemption - Anyone have an example?


Sep 23, 2015
San Francisco
How can you tell the difference between the brass and gold plated brass? I understand they both appear as "yellow gold" and there are no different markings. I have a coin, but no idea which it is.


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Jun 14, 2015
So if I ever see the 24k gold Albert Belle show up on eBay it is likely backdoor since they were never released in packs or redemption? Interesting. I guess I will flag these as basically nonexistent.
I’m not saying some weren’t released in packs as redemptions for the pure gold and I know some silvers def made it in to packs , but I also know for sure not all 97-98 NFL or MLB fine silver and gold redemption made it in to packs. I completed my set w the help of my buddy who met someone with multiple sets of fine silver both mlb and NFL. They are in absolute pristine shape, proving they never made it in to packs. Half of my silvers have at least some sort of toning. These were the half I got from random people over the years on eBay mostly. The other half from one seller were absolutely perfect. I believe they inherited these coins as well. Now I think it’s shady as hell not all 97 coins made it in packs, but 98 I could see as that’s the year they went under. The mystery around these coins is part of why I love collecting them. Well and I started collecting these as a kid in 97-98. Still have my original coins from then as well. Prob sitting with my thousands upon thousands of 90s cards not worth the paper they were printed on lol
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