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2022 National to move location of show

Randy Shields

Well-known member
Aug 20, 2008
This is EXTREMELY disappointing for me personally.
I have attended every National there except for one as I only live about 45 minutes from the I-X Center in Cleveland.

Not only did they host the National but every year they hosted the Auto show, Home and Garden show, Boat show, The IX indoor amusement park that we used to take our daughters to year after year and many other
In 2001 I believe, JP (Jaypers) flew in from Illinois and stayed at our house for a couple of days and we attended. We had a blast. First time I saw one of the 3 existing '52 Mantle PSA 10's.
In 2004 I got the VIP pass and was able to meet Dave Courtney, Sean Christian, Ty Buttars and a couple others from the old boards which was pretty neat.

In 2009 I set up there and was able to meet several of the guys here from FCB for the 1st time including Chis (Gilmore), Ken (Moxicaine), Mike (200lbhockeyplayer), John (bouob), Brian (blanning71) and maybe Andrew (All In Cards)? If not I met him the next year in Baltimore. Man my memory deceives me sometimes..
And there were a few others there also who I simply don't recall. It was the first year that FCB set up at the National to help promote the website.

It's my understanding from reading some articles that the Center is not permanently closed it's just not going to be run anymore by the people who have been leasing it which is why it's shutting down. And with almost 2 million square feet it's one of the largest if not the largest venue of its type in the country. One article I read talked about some people who are going to be having conversations about possibly trying to take it over.
Hopefully that will happen and they will be able to utilize this building again for future events.

I know some in the past have complained about the venue but others have stated they always loved it.

Obviously I do and I sincerely hope it returns there someday.


Active member
Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
I know their excuse in the past regarding not going back to Anaheim was that the convention center wouldn't let them book it as far in advance as they wanted to. So maybe now the timing would work for that if they need to "scramble" to find a place for 2022?

Just wishful thinking as a west coaster who had a great time at the 2006 National.


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2008
The national will never come to Boston. The unions that run the convention center make it too costly and the hotel prices are insane.

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