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Another 10% eBay bucks offer


Active member
Feb 22, 2013
Very nice! What are your thoughts of Bruce on the Mets?
After his dismal performance with them last year, he's lucky they picked up the last year of his deal. I dont think he'll be around after the 2017 trade deadline though. He'll be trade bait and possibly end up in the AL as a DH or some place like Miami, Colorado or Arizona. Seems like a lot of decent players end up in either of those three organizations and their careers just fizzle out.



Active member
Nov 9, 2013
First time I didn't get the discount. I guess the 120 dollars I earned last week was too much...lol
I usually get an email when I get these deals. I didn't get an email for today's deal however when I went to the "My EBay" page the offer was there to be activated. Did you check there?


Well-known member
Sep 24, 2016
Mystic, CT
Got this one, first one they sent me. Got a nice Biggio 2014 Tek blue. A nice make up for the red Storm that ended today and I missed because I was in a meeting...Damn work, always in the way.

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