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Black Friday break


New member
Oct 15, 2008
The Permian Basin
I finally had time to break some wax that I received over the weekend.

1 Box 2014 Elite Extra ***Hot Box
Adrian Rondon Franchise Futures Redemption expired :(
Elih Marrero 18U GU
Chris Ellis AU #/599
Chris Diaz AU #/699
Spencer Turnbull Diecut AU #/25
Jakson Reetz AU#/599
Taylor Sparks AU Diecut #/10
Richard Prigatano AU #/799
Luke Weaver AU Diecut #/75
Lane Thomas AU #/799
Sam Clay AU Diecut #/75
AJ Venegas Diecut #/200
Jacob Lindgren Diecut #/200
Derek Hill Diecut #/100
Jhoandro Alfaro Diecut #/200

Dr.Who 2018 topper?
Sylvester McCoy Auto (7th Doctor)

Leaf Hockey 2016-17 pre-production Press Proofs
Jake Leschyschyn Prismatic Blue
Nolan Patrick Vision Quest Black

Random NFL Packs @ Hobby shop
--> I was hoping for some hockey wax so I bought two packs 2018 Absolute Playoff

---> Touchdown Tandems 4th Down AJ Green /Andy Dalton redemption :eek: daaaannnngggg

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