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COMC shipment stolen.


Nov 10, 2013
Hey Guys, long shot but I'll throw it out there. Had a COMC shipment delivered today that never was. The package should have fit in my locked mailbox but it's possible that the mail man decided to put it on the porch with a large box amazon order delivered today (also missing). I decided to have all those non-numbered 2000 UD Legends Commemorative Collection Gold (1/1) shipped home. Bad news, I picked them up cheap so it didn't flag sig. confirmation. I'm pretty much resigned to a loss but here's the shipment if you see anything pop up:



Active member
Jun 14, 2010
Ontario, Canada
I guess a good thing about it being a COMC shipment is that you have records including prices paid, front and back scans, and a list of what was in the package. Should only help if you file a police report or complaint with USPS.

Hope things work out for you.


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Aug 7, 2008
If you're looking at online delivery confirmation, don't freak out, it will probably show up eventually. For a while after I moved into a new house, the terrible mail carrier I had would frequently scan things as delivered but they wouldn't show up in my mailbox until the next day, and she was always still out delivering things at 6 PM or later. Unless it was delivered to a completely different address of a wholly unscrupulous person, I wouldn't panic yet.


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Jan 23, 2009
Daytona Beach, FL
I lost a shipment as well from COMC that never turned up. Sucks because it was the last black ref I needed to finish a set, and I've only ever seen a couple Marco Scutaro 2008 blacks listed. Thankfully with COMC, I know the serial numbers, but they never surfaced. I was able to pick up the next Scutaro that was listed a couple years later.

Card InfoSRPPriceSupplies

2002 Topps Heritage [???] #THC88
Roy Oswalt #168/553 [edit]
Item: 770308


2004 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC42
Curt Schilling #1220/1,955 [edit]
Item: 1277686


2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Black Border Refractor #C172
Brad Hawpe #53/59 [edit]
Item: 1738726


2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Black Border Refractor #C261
Marco Scutaro #22/59 [edit]
Item: 1738725


2009 Topps Heritage Chrome #127
Trevor Crowe #224/1,960 [edit]
Item: 1738457


2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor #CHR197
Takashi Saito #401/560 [edit]
Item: 1629257


2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Refractor #C190
Bobby Abreu #409/559 [edit]
Item: 1754379


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Jan 17, 2010
Huntsville, AL
'Tis the season! It's for this reason that I typically make sure anything that won't fit in my mailbox is delivered to my work address.


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Jan 16, 2011
I've told this story before, but I've sold a $7 jersey card. Went from California to somewhere back east. It was supposed to be a 5 day journey. 9 months later, it shows up in perfect condition! **** happens. Probably got stuck in the bottom of a mail cart or something.


Nov 10, 2013
'Tis the season! It's for this reason that I typically make sure anything that won't fit in my mailbox is delivered to my work address.

That's the frustrating part. Whether in a 400 ct box or mailer it should fit in my box no problem. I'm always very wary of anything out on the porch and coordinate deliveries. If it's not there today, the carrier simply elected to leave it out. Left a note in the box today. I reached out to COMC to see if they could clarify if I should be looking for a box or mailer. Likely a box and they offered to refund if it doesn't show - class act all the way. Only downer for me is that this was a shipment of bargains and more than $75 real value. Could be worse, so no complaints.