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Is now the time to buy or sell sports cards?


Feb 27, 2020
With the uncertainty of the whole covid-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on the major sports, do you think now is the time to buy or sell sports cards in general? It seems like a lot of graded vintage cards are holding their value and even increasing in some cases but the newer stuff seems to be going down in price with the exception of some key cards. Some might say it's a buyer's market but I think it's hard to tell. The sale prices of older graded cards will likely fall back down to earth over time.


May 4, 2015

Right now is a great time to sell anything that you have been sitting on. The market is still hot and stuff is moving.

Which is also why it is a great time to buy. People are listing cards and sets that they have been holding on to. For rarer items, you may be able to finally pick them up as they have finally listed. For other items they will get posted by multiple sellers and you can work out a good deal.

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