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January 2022 - New "Year" Arrivals!


Jan 19, 2010
No USPS mail in 2022 yet, at least not for most. figured I'd start this in anticipation of tomorrow's mail call. Sorry if i am cheating by creating the thread w/o posting any cards...


Jan 19, 2010
Don't normally contribute to this thread, as I am fairly 1 dimensional in my collecting and cover most pick ups on my thread. However, I am not completely 1 dimensional.

Here are 2 new pick ups that have nothing to do with the Dodgers whatsoever. Blyleven and Altuve. For as boring as 70 Topps is, perhaps the most boring Topps design ever, I like it.



Jan 19, 2010
A rare football pick up these days for me. I want more vintage FB and autos, but the money only goes so far and baseball reigns king with me.

Payton Slim.jpg


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Dec 27, 2010


Jan 19, 2010
OK, oddly enough I have been finding a few football items to buy. The first one is a card I just loved as a kid. Not quite as cool as the greg Landry from the same set, but close. Plus the guy had this weird name too. I have always wanted signed copies of cards i liked as a kid as well and this one was fairly tough. I don't know if he never signed or what, but finding this card, or any card signed by him, was tough. Recently a seller has listed several. Maybe it was a hoard? Anyway, long time coming to add this beauty.


This next one was an impulse buy that i figured I wouldn't even win. It was from COMC auctions on ebay. I already had a shipment in the works, so I was nabbing some cheapie cards to catch a ride. This card is also a testament to the world we live in now where a 6 player autograph card numbered to 30 copies in the world ends at auction for a measly $2.52! Add $0.50 for the additional card to be shipped (a ripoff, i'll add) and I paid $3.02 for this card. I guess considering the players, it was about average at 50 cents a signature. Sadly, none of the players did much in their careers, and none played for my 2 teams (Vikings/Raiders). There is a seahawk, so maybe I can find a local sucker, I mean collector to sell it to on the cheap as well. Frankly, I am not sure why I even wanted it, other than it was a 6X au /30 and it was barely $2! I'll toss it aside and maybe one of them will become a coach or a scandal will erupt or eventually, maybe one or more dies off (although I probably won't outlive them).



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Sep 20, 2009
Great White North
Working on a Topps era Hof pitcher run. One pitcher per year with no repeats and no RC. Obviously a collector's project, not an investor's.

My Jan arrivals:


A wonderfully centered Koufax is en route.

Progress so far:



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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2021 Archives Fan Favorites Silver Auto Eric Chavez, 58/99. I can't think of any baseball player I have more autographs of than Eric Chavez, well over 150 and probably closer to 200. I don't supercollect him or anything, he has just had a lot of autographs and they are affordable.

I was asked about all of the team sets I completed in 2021 earlier in the year, so I thought this would be as good a place as any to list them. Some of these are impressive but a lot of them are sets I should have completed long ago, I just haven't made an effort until the past couple of years. Also keep in mind I didn't buy all the cards in each set during 2021, for most of them I entered the year just needing a couple more to finish it.

A's team sets completed in 2021:
Complete run of MLB Showdown base/update sets with Foils
All Topps Heritage Chrome Refractors through 2019
All Topps Heritage Chrome through 2018
1994 Collector's Choice Gold Signature
1994 Stadium Club First Day Issue
1995 Collector's Choice SE Gold Signature
1995 Sportflix Artist's Proofs
1995 Stadium Club Members Only parallel with inserts
1996 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractors
1996 Leaf Bronze Press Proofs
1996 Leaf Signature Autographs Gold (already had all Bronze and Silver)
1996 Pacific Prisms Gold
1996 Sportflix Artist's Proofs
1997 Bowman International & Chrome International (was just missing McGwire from both)
1997 Donruss Gold Press Proofs
1997 Donruss Silver Press Proofs
1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix
1997 Pinnacle Artist's Proofs
1997 Pinnacle Certified Red
1997 Pinnacle X-Press Men of Summer
1997 Score Showcase Series Artist's Proofs
1997 Select Registered Gold
1997 SPx Gold, Silver, and Steel (2-card team sets lol)
1997 Sports Illustrated Extra Edition/500
1997 Topps Gallery Players Private Issue
1998 Donruss Silver Press Proofs
1998 Flair Showcase Rows 0-3 (was just missing a Grieve Row 0 /250)
1998 Pacific Red Threatt & Silver
1998 Paramount Copper & Gold
1998 Pinnacle Museum Collection
1998 Studio Silver Press Proofs
1998 Topps Gallery Proofs/125
1998 Topps Gallery Players Private Issue/250
1999 Fleer Brilliants Gold/99
1999 Paramount Gold & Red
1999 SkyBox Thunder Rant
1999 Topps Gallery Players Private Issue/250
1999 UD Ionix Reciprocal/750
2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition Gold/500
2000 Fleer Gamers Extra
2000 Pacific Crown Collection Holographic Purple/199
2000 Paramount Copper & Gold
2000 SP Authentic Limited/100
2000 Topps Gallery Players Private Issue/250
2000 Ultra Platinum Medallion/50 and /25
2000 Upper Deck Legends Commemorative Collection/100
2001 Fleer Focus Masterpiece Mania/300
2001 Fleer Premium Star Rubies/125
2001 Topps HD Platinum/199
2002 Bowman Chrome & Draft X-Fractors/250
2002 Bowman Heritage Chrome Refractors/350
2002 Bowman Heritage Chrome Gold Refractors/175
2002 Donruss Originals Aqueous
2002 Finest X-Fractors/299 & X-Fractors Protectors/99
2002 Flair Collection/175
2002 Fleer Maximum To The Max
2002 Leaf Blue Press Proofs
2002 SP Authentic Limited/125
2002 Studio Proofs/100
2002 Topps Super Teams Retrofractors/1974
2002 Topps Ten Die Cuts
2002 Upper Deck Victory Gold
2003 Bowman Chrome & Draft X-Fractors
2003 E-X Essential Credentials Now & Future
2003 Finest X-Fractors/99 & Gold X-Fractors/199
2003 Fleer Patchworks Star Rubies/100
2003 Fleer Platinum Finish/100
2003 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold Materials/25
2003 Topps Black/52
2003 Topps Chrome Gold Refractors/449
2003 Topps Pristine Refractors
2003 Upper Deck MVP Silver
2004 Bowman Heritage Black and White
2004 Leaf Press Proofs Blue & Red
2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue Fabric/100
2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Bats/150
2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Fabric/150
2004 Reflections Blue base/250
2004 Topps Black/53
2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Refractors/299
2004 Topps Chrome Refractors with autos
2004 Topps Chrome Gold Refractors with autos
2004 Topps Cracker Jack Mini Blue
2005 Bazooka Gold Chunk & Minis
2005 Bowman Chrome & Draft X-Fractors/225 and /250 with autos
2005 Bowman Chrome & Draft Blue Refractors/150 with autos
2005 Finest Black Refractors/99 with autos
2005 Leaf Certified Mirror White
2005 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue Fabric/100
2005 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold Fabric/25\
2005 Reflections Blue/75
2005 Reflections Purple/99
2005 Reflections Red/99
2005 Topps Black/54
2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Refractors/299
2005 Topps Chrome & Update Black Refractors with autos
2005 Topps Cracker Jack Mini Stickers
2005 Topps Pristine Legends Gold Die Cut Refractors/65
2005 Topps Turkey Red White
2006 Bazooka Gold Chunk
2006 Bowman & Prospects & Draft White/120
2006 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft X-Fractors
2006 Bowman Heritage Chrome
2006 Finest Black Refractors/99
2006 Topps A&G Minis
2006 Topps Chrome & Update Black Refractors with autos
2006 Topps Turkey Red Red & White
2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Purple/150
2007 Bowman & Prospects & Draft Blue/500
2007 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Blue Refractors with autos
2007 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft X-Fractors with autos
2007 Finest Black Refractors/99
2007 Topps & Update Copper/56
2007 Topps 52 Chrome Gold Refractors/52 (including inserts)
2007 Topps A&G Black Minis
2007 Topps Chrome Blue Refractors
2007 Topps Chrome Red Refractors/99
2007 Topps Chrome White Refractors
2007 Topps Sterling/250
2008 Bowman & Prospects & Draft Blue/500 and Orange/250
2008 Finest Green Refractors with autos
2008 Stadium Club (with all prospect variations)
2008 Topps A&G Black Minis
2008 Topps Chrome Copper Refractors with autos
2009 Bowman & Prospects & Draft Orange/250
2009 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Refractors with autos
2009 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Purple Refractors
2009 Finest Red Refractors/25
2009 Topps A&G Black Minis
2009 Topps Sterling/250
2010 Bowman & Prospects & Draft Orange/250
2010 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Blue Refractors with autos
2010 Finest Green Refractors
2010 Topps Chrome Blue Refractors with autos
2011 Topps & Update Black/60
2011 Topps & Update Diamond & Cognac Diamond (was just missing some veteran SPs)
2012 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Refractors with autos
2012 Topps A&G Black Minis
2012 Topps Chrome Gold Refractors/50 with autos
2013 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Purple Refractors
2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Minis
2014 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Refractors with autos
2014 Topps & Update Target & Walmart parallels
2014 Topps Chrome Blue Refractors/199
2014 Topps Chrome Gold Refractors/50
2014 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractors/75
2015 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Blue Refractors with autos
2016 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Purple Refractors
2015 Topps & Update Rainbow Foil
2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Minis
2016 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Refractors with autos
2016 Topps & Update Black/65
2016 Topps & Update Rainbow Foil
2016 Topps A&G Minis
2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Minis
2017 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Refractors with autos
2017 Topps & Update Gold/2017
2017 Topps & Update Rainbow Foil
2018 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Refractors with autos
2018 Topps & Update Gold/2018
2019 Bowman Chrome & Prospects & Draft Refractors with autos
2019 Finest with SPs
2019 Finest Refractors
2019 Topps & Update Gold/2019
2019 Topps & Update Rainbow Foil
2019 Topps Chrome Refractors with autos
2019 Topps Gold Label Classes 1-3
2019 Topps Total
2020 Finest Flashbacks Refractors (NOT including autos)
2020 Topps & Update Gold/2020


Jan 19, 2010
You are a dedicated team collector for sure, perhaps one of the most dedicated I recall seeing.


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Sep 30, 2017
I had a great time at the Rogers, AR show this weekend and ran into one of my favorite 90s dealers so I came home with about 100 cards I needed for sets. Some highlights
10 Jeff Bagwell.jpg RH2 Ken Griffey Jr.jpg H3 Frank Thomas.jpg 17 Alex Rodriguez.jpg 17 Alex Rodriguez.jpg

Figured I better grab a Rookie Year auto of this guy before he gets into the Hall of Fame next year. Print run on these was 1,300.
1998 Donruss Signatures Todd Helton.jpg

Some eBay pickups came in too. Snagged a good deal on the complete run of Ginter Non-Sport Boxloaders from 2008 - 2019

20220111_115122.jpg 20220111_115251.jpg

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