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July 2021 - New Arrivals Thread


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Aug 17, 2008
Near Philly
I have a type set of both.

The BGS wall has baseball rookies. Still have a long way to go on both projects

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Hopefully these "commons" don't take up the important space reserved for the Vault 3Ds and Conines!


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Sep 30, 2017
I saw a beautiful Koufax at a show about two months ago for about $200. I shoulda just grabbed it but didn't and have regretted it since.

The next time there's a show there, hopefully he's there, since he's not a FT dealer, I'll check and grab it then, if still available...

Yeah. I'm kicking myself for passing up Koufaxs at $150 and a Nolan Ryan SP for $100 in the last six months.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Today's mail:

Two Topps encased Vida Blue cards 16 years apart on the same day, weird. The Dan Johnson plate is out of 2007 UD First Pitch. Lastly a 2013 Topps Sapphire Seth Smith 03/25. I haven't taken an inventory of how close I am on that team set but I feel like I am probably at least halfway there, tough gorgeous set.

Also my December 2020 COMC shipment finally arrived today! Not enough time to get everything ready for scanning, it takes a while to unpack a thousand-card order. Hopefully I can get some pictures up this weekend. And don't worry about not hearing any more COMC shipping complaints from me, I also recently had another bundle of cards shipped. Estimated ship date nearly 4 months away, with only 1.2 million cards ahead of mine!


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Alright going to have to spread the highlights of my COMC shipment over 3 posts with 23 scans...

First some '90s goodies...Giambi is an Atomic Refractor, 069/100 (nice). The Bowman's Best Grieve Refractor is 103/200. Both team sets are complete. The unnecessarily graded 1998 Bowman Chrome Golden Anniversay Haynes is 06/50 and the Finest Peel and Reveal Grieve is the Hyperplaid version, not super tough but a cool card.

Then we've got a bunch of '90s McGwire inserts plus a lone Rickey.

And some Pacific parallels. Note the slight difference between the two 1997 Pacific Light Blue cards and the more rare Giambi Silver. It's dumb when companies make the cards difficult to tell apart, all it does is frustrate collectors so the manufacturers can feel cute.

Some great '00s cards. The Gold Label Grieve is 053/100. Jairo Garcia and Ryan Webb are 1/1s. Tejada is 01/10, pretty sure this is the first 2001 Absolute Spectrum card I've owned. Two of the 2001 Elite Primary Colors Giambis are /25 and one is /50. They complete his six-card run from that set.

Some more '00s parallels. 2003 E-X Essential Credentials Future Byrnes 29/50. 2005 UD ESPN 25th Anniversary 17/25 (these are real hard to find). 2003 Tribute World Series Gold Eckersley 031/100. 2000 Stadium Club Chrome First Day Appier 055/100. 2001 Topps Stars Onyx T. Long 43/99. 2000 SP Authentic Limited Chavez 006/100 (team set is complete). 2002 UD MVP Silver Tejada 087/100. And a 2003 Donruss Team Heroes Stat Line Mulder 16/19.

Oh some more '00s stuff. 2005 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold Hudson 17/25. 2005 Leaf Limited Gold Spotlight Harden 17/25. 2004 Elite Extra Aspirations Dye 08/76. 2004 Leather & Lumber Gold Mulder 09/25. 2006 Triple Threads Sapphire Chavez 01/25! 2006 UD Silver Spectrum Kotsay 17/25. 2009 UD Gold Holliday 81/99. And a 2007 UD Future Stars Gold Piazza 63/99.

Too many Topps Black cards to fit properly on my scanner.

Some Topps Independence Day parallels, with a Father's Day Blue snuck in there.

Four Topps Pinks. A rarely seen 2011 Topps Factory Set Bonus 68/75 Gio Gonzalez. The tough 2012 Topps Gold Rush Trevor Cahill. And a another 2013 Topps Sapphire card for my collection, Chris Young 05/25.

And rounding out this post with some Topps Vintage Stock/99 parallels and a couple of Camos from back when they were /99.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Part 2 of my COMC goodies - all Refractors!

Topps Heritage Chrome Black (and White) Refractors.

A couple of Bowman Chrome Red Refractors and a pile of Gold Refractors, nothing super amazing but great additions for the team collection.

And here's a bunch of Bowman Chrome Orange Refractors...some of them look gold in the scan but they're definitely oranges.

Big addition for my Tom Goodwin collection, a 2000 Stadium Club First Day Refractor 13/25...these things never pop up. And some other assorted Refractors...the Jared Lansford is 03/10.

A bundle of 2005 Topps Pristine Legends Refractors and Gold Refractors, I love these and both team sets are now complete. And a few other neat Refractors; Durazo is 12/25.

And some more Refractors I liked. Both Piazzas complete team sets.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
And part 3 finishes up my COMC shipment highlights.

Allen and Ginter stuff. The Tommy Milone Wood card is 4/5. McGwire and Reggie are EXT cards from the Rip Cards.

Some more recent cool stuff. The '87 McGwire Reprint is a 2019 Topps Iconic Cards Reprints 150th Anniversary 028/150.

Time for autographs! The Ultimate Ensemble card finishes up all of the all-A's cards from the set, there were six of them ranging from 3 to 6 players and print runs as low as /10.

The Ramon Hernandez 1998 Bowman Autograph is the tough Gold version. I would really like the Carlos Gonzalez card if not for that pesky Rockies coloring. The Stadium Club Red Laureano is 49/50.

Some great GU. The 2005 UD Game Patch Chavez is fantastic, I couldn't hit the buy button fast enough when I saw it. Print run is supposedly 45 but I don't recall ever seeing another one. The Tools of the Trade Quad Giambi is 03/25

Some Donruss & Panini GU.

And the last of it, some other assorted GU. And also about 850 less interesting cards I didn't scan. They didn't send any incorrect cards and I don't THINK they missed anything.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Today's arrivals:

Some big ones here...I already had a Totally Certified Gold Dilfer but since I'm firmly in the "do not peel" camp it was unpeeled. I saw this PSA 10 pop up and placed a reasonable bid since it wasn't a need, just one that would be nice to have in addition to my unpeeled copy. Looks great! It's 0021/0030 so not a special serial number. The 2005 Topps Black Andre Ethier RC 42/54 completes the 2005 Topps Black team set! Very happy, that's my first year of Topps Black to be completed (I have 2007 complete but technically that's Copper). Still a ways to go for 2008 but this Carlos Gonzalez RC 40/57 was a big one. The 2011 Tier One Gold auto 18/25 Cahill is one that I hadn't seen pop up recently. And the 2014 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Donaldson completes that team set.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Four for today:

1998 Leaf Fractal Matrix Die Cuts Canseco - only need one more to complete the team set, a Jason Giambi with a print run of 200. 2001 Donruss Class of 2001 First Class Tejada 081/100 gives me all the veteran A's in the set but I'm still missing three RCs numbered/50. 2016 Topps Update Black Sean Manaea RC 39/65 finishes off the Update team set but I still need a League Leaders card from the regular set that has Sonny Gray and a couple of non-A's. And I don't have my 2019 Topps Black needs on hand but the Matt Chapman Home Run Derby card is a nice addition.

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