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Linuxabuser's imgur tutorial


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Saw this in a thread. Thought it deserved a stickie. Thanks linuxabuser for the tutorial.

Ok - imgur tutorial. Not so much different from Photosuckit. [MENTION=12548]psj[/MENTION] and anyone else who is lost in this post-Photobucket era.

Go to imgur.com

Click the arrow next to New Post and select Upload Images

Click Browse to find the image on your computer (like from a scanner)

Browse to where the image is located on your computer

Select the image and click Open (Pro tip: hold the control key on your keyboard and click on all of the images you want to upload for a bulk upload)

Once your picture is uploaded to imgur, mouse over the top right corner and click Get Share Links

Click the Copy button next to BBcode (Forums) - this copies the link to your clipboard

Come back to FCB and paste it in the post

Bonus tip for resizing like a pro without editing


Feb 26, 2017
Markham, ON
Two things. #1 if you have something copied on your clipboard. Also right below the image after you upload it, you can make an album with more images.

Also please ignore this:

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