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New member
Jun 16, 2023
Hey everyone,

My name is Calum, I am a sports fanatic who has founded his own sports card company that is looking to carve out it's own space in the NCAA sports sector. I'd love to hear from people that are NCAA sports fans to really understand what the market is missing, and also from sports card collectors who are not interested in NCAA sports to learn what it is that turns them off.
Personally, I feel that, from a collectors stand point, there is an issue around the high volume of athletes who come through the college sports system only to become irrelevant and be forgotten. But then, there is that excitement about finding the next big prospect, similar to finding a rookie card. It's not always about sporting success either, personality and personal accomplishments have a lot to do with the desirability of cards too.
I believe with the new digital economy and NIL laws, there will be a larger scope for athletes to establish a long lasting relevance and achieve stardom before ever going professional.
But what do I know? My opinion is worth as much as the next persons. I'd love to hear from everyone else!


Apr 29, 2021
I think it's a limited market as compared to professional.
Having said that 21-22 Topps put out an NCAA basketaball draft product called Bowman University, and
for many years 96-14 there was a college football draft product called Press Pass
so there are customers for your idea

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