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My All-Time Braves Autographs


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Figured I’d join the ranks of team autograph threads! Got back into collecting last February after about 7-8 years away. Growing up in Georgia, I’ve always been a Braves fan and always heard stories of the teams of Milwaukee and Boston, but never really appreciated it. Taking the step away, going to college, getting more into other sports, then coming back to collecting gave me a greater appreciation for the team and history of the sport. Now while I’d love to be able to get signatures of every player, i know the odds of that happening are slim to none, especially with the guys from the old Beaneaters days, then throw in Ruth and Cy Young. As of the end of the 2019 season, there have been 2031 players in franchise history (Braves website database), I have signatures from 119 as I’m writing this, for a whopping total of 5.86%! So hope you’re ready for some pics! I’ll try to group them all together based off time period to start. Enjoy! (And if you’ve got any you don’t see here you’re looking to move, feel free to shoot me a message!)
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Jan 19, 2010
Nice Jack Smith! Not sure if he is just tough, or nobody seemed to care because his career was short. Just don't see a lot around.


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Aug 7, 2008
hickory nc
i got Freddie Freeman on a ticket stub in a low A minor league game ---- looks just like most his autosIMG_20190701_0016_NEW.jpg
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