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My All-Time Braves Autographs


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Apr 6, 2010
The Poconos
Took a chance in a group break of 2020 Hit Parade Jerseys, they pulled a powder blue Murphy the night before so I wasn’t expecting the Braves to hit again, but boy did they
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Just jumped Up to tie my favorite item in my collection with my Spahn/Sain dual signed baseball. Been over a week since he pulled this for me, just came today and still can’t believe I got it for a $39 slot
Wow! That’s awesome (for a Braves fan at least...). Congrats!

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And here it is, made a deal in a Braves collectors group for some I needed. Puts me over 200 different autographs! Sitting at 206
then the green Soroka. Halfway there
and finally, a card I never thought I’d actually own. But through the power of twitter and some luck with some blaster box pulls, was able to make a trade for one of my grail cards
I can’t stress how excited I am to finally have one of these haha and in such good shape too, so close to being a 10/10.Always wanted one when he got called up but was out of my price range. Feels great to finally have one in my PC

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