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My Updated Favorite Craig Biggio Story


Jan 4, 2013
Pearland, Texas
Ok, wanted to share a fun story that hopefully makes you smile.

A little backstory to set the scene first. Back in the early 2000's I had Astros short season tix and lived literally across the street from Minute Maid Park. They had $1 SRO seats M-Th at the time, so if I didn't already have seats, I was there pretty much every day they were in town. I have many great memories of Biggio that include seeing him elected into the HOF in Cooperstown and plenty of stories about him grabbing a double on a soft base hit. I even saw him playing CF when Richie Sexton dented the flag pole that was in play on Tal's hill, but I'll expand on my favorite story from probably the 2004 or 2005 season as I was there nearly every home game those years.

One game on an unremembered date I'm there with a friend and a couple sits in the row in front of us. It becomes easily apparent to everyone around they're on a date. He's bought her some Astros swag and she's sipping one of those 3 feet long margaritas. He's wearing a Biggio jersey, hat backwards and powering down $8 beers like a champ. They showed up a bit late and missed Biggio's first AB. Upon Biggio's second AB, this guy stands up in a quiet stadium and yells at the top of his lungs, "B - I - Double G - I - Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" holding the oh yeah for like about 10-15 seconds until his breath is exhausted. Clearly heard by everyone within a few sections. The girl was apparently unprepared for this and was rather embarrassed. Guy totally doesn't notice her embarrassment and goes back to chugging beers. Biggio got a hit by the way. An inning or 2 later, dude yells the same exact cheer, except this time the girl gets up and leaves. He follows and they're never heard from again. By the way, Biggio got another hit. At this point I turn to my friend and a few people around with same ticket package I got to know through the years and say, you know Biggio got a hit each time that guy did that awesome cheer. Who's gonna fill in next AB? Everyone said I should, so I took a try and well, Biggio didn't get a hit. What's that saying, it's only weird if it doesn't work?

Fast forward to this past Saturday and it's the first Astros game my wife and I have gone to see this year and guess who's playing for the Blue Jays? Cavan Biggio! When he steps from the dugout, I turn to her and say, you know I've not been able to say this for nearly a decade but Biggio is on deck! Should I give him his 'ol dad's cheer I learned from that drunk guy? She's knows this story pretty well now, so she shoots me this look that shows she'd probably leave like that girl did years ago. So, I do a much more subdued version to satisfy my inner superstition because hey I'd like to see the kid get a hit! Cavan Biggio strikes out. Where is that drunk Biggio fan, we need him back!

If you've got a fun story like this, please share and thanks for reading!


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Jan 28, 2018
In 2014 my girlfriend and I were at a Royals game with a several friends of ours. It was a Friday night and beers had been flowing since our tailgate party several hours prior to game time (It's KC...we'll tailgate your funeral...and rock it!) So it's like the 3rd inning, game was tied, and Omar Infante comes up to bat with the bases loaded. I turn to my girlfriend and the others and make a pledge - "If Infante goes yard here, I'll run along the walkway yelling 'Whammy!' like Champ in Anchorman." Then it happens - Infante pulls a high one into the left field bullpen, just out of the reach of the left fielder (Hamilton, I think). As the crowd was going wild, I had to honor my promise. So I rose from my aisle seat in left field, went down a couple of stairs, and ran along the walkway separating the field and plaza sections yelling "WHAMMY!" out of the corner of my offset grin. People in the front rows were slapping me high fives all along the way and I felt like that oddball mascot in Bull Durham who's playing to the crowd. I think I was so loud that the left fielder heard me; one friend said that he looked my way and chuckled to himself. It was certainly one for the ol' memory books and the start of something awesome on the horizon! Now...if only there were a reason to get excited about the Royals like that again. :)

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