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November pickup thread


New member
Aug 7, 2008

^^^ None are available. lol

I also grabbed the last 2 first-year autos I needed from BC. I never expected to win the Guerrero with an opening bid, but I did so I'll have to play the waiting game for that one.


Featured Contributor, The best players in history?
Aug 7, 2008
Going to have to cut back as I've gone a little crazy with the buying recently:

A seller had a ton of these listed. Figured Smoltz will get some attention around HOF voting time:

It's amazing how much Pujols RC Auto's have dropped.

And this one:



Active member
Nov 3, 2014
Very nice pick and I think a solid price too. Griffey collectors, as well as A&G collectors, can get a bit crazy. I would have expected it to go higher. Probably helped you that the auction ended before lunch on a weekday and the seller having single digit feedback.

Juan Gris

Active member
May 23, 2013
Columbus, OH
Picked up all 4 of these Dunn autos I needed from the same seller in 1 awesome mail-day. The 2003 Chirography Gold completes the Dunn "rainbow" from that set.
Dunn Scans Front.jpgDunn Scans Back.jpg

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