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PSA graded card values vs. BGS graded card values

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Feb 27, 2020
I think it's common knowledge that cards graded PSA 10 Gem Mint usually sell for quite a bit more money than those graded BGS 9.5 Gem Mint or even BGS 10 Pristine. I've always questioned why BGS graded cards aren't at least equal to or worth even more than PSA graded cards because BGS shows the subgrades for 4 categories on the holder while PSA does not. Does anyone here have any insight into why PSA cards are usually worth considerably more? I do know that the new PSA slabs are a bit different and that PSA has supposedly gotten stricter with their grading.


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Nov 6, 2019
I think BGS 10s sell for more than PSA 10s. It's just alot harder to get a BGS 10 and there aren't alot out there.

There is no really no explanation of why PSA cards sell more then BGS, it is what it is I guess..


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Aug 7, 2008
It’s cyclical

When I left the hobby in 2015, BGS was selling for 25%+ more than PSA. PSA was where you sent your crappy streaked autos that wouldn’t get a 10 grade at Beckett. Non-autos were the same, always a premium for BGS in identical grades

Bout a decade before that , when the PSA set registry was getting popular, they were king. Mid-2000’s.

Few years before that, in 2000 when Beckett was the new kid on the grading block, they were easily beating PSA.

Eventually, Beckett will reign supreme again. Hopefully it’s after I’m done collecting them, cause I’m enjoying the ridiculous discount over PSA. lol

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Aug 30, 2011
One word (Registry) they started the POP report so if you had a PSA 10 and it was the only one with that grade it’s a POP 1 if there were 100 it’s a POP 100. People liked it and now they are too deep in grading with PSA to go elsewhere on grade. Honestly BGS holders are more sturdy, provides better protection in my opinion. But it all depends what you are doing with it on who to pick. I also think BGS showing there are flaws with a 9.5 grade where PSA your 10 could be pristine Beckett is just a Gem Mint. I have seen a BGS 9.5 with 2 (10’s) and 2 (9.5’s) they sell for the same if not more.

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Aug 23, 2008
I’m not the biggest graded collector. It used to be in general in terms of grades
BGS 10 is the best
BGS 9.5 = PSA 10
BGS 9 = PSA 9
BGS 8.5 is a crapshoot on PSA 8 or 9

I’ve seen on other boards that a BGS 9 is equal to PSA 8 if you crack. Is that the case now or are collectors obsessed with PSA a little too much right now?

Juan Gris

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May 23, 2013
Columbus, OH
BGS holders just look subpar compared to PSA. Add in the the little auto grade slivers which often have rough edges or aren't centered. It's not complicated from this collector.


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Nov 6, 2019
BGS holders just look subpar compared to PSA. Add in the the little auto grade slivers which often have rough edges or aren't centered. It's not complicated from this collector.
Exactly. BGS, SGC, and others have why to much plastic and it takes away from the card. PSA holders seems to showcase the card more with less over the top plastic.


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Jan 11, 2013
So I wont ever care about graded cards, but I can I appreciate that some folks care about them and the grades. To each our own.

Here's an example of why I don't (This may affect why values between companies vary, as people become more aware of each companies obvious flaws in consistency in my opinion ) :

1st pic: PSA 10 for sale right now on eBay, has ALL 3 of the common printmarks on a Clemens rookie. But the PSA 9 next to it for sale does NOT have the "collar" mark. Not saying the 9 is overall as nice but a 10 shouldnt have any of the 3 marks. I have examples of the card where each of the printmarks are NOT present in some fashion, so each one it IS a defect which can be avoided on a copy of the card somewhere, not a guarunteed part of the card's production.

Picture 2: 2 raw copies I have not exhibiting 1 of the print marks.

Picture 3: a raw copy I have without 2 of the Printmarks found on that PSA 10.

So why would I have interest in PSA 10s, or PSA's assessment of a card after comparing these samples? Especially after the PWCC FBI investigated scandal where PSA has been clearly found to be either unable to find defects in cards sent to them, or possibly complicit in ignoring defects to benefit certain submitters who may be greasing PSA on the side for better grades??.

Also, no I am NOT saying my raw cards are 10s, they have flaws, just showing as examples of the print defect status.

I have 26 copies of this card, 6 do NOT have the collar print defect, and 4 do not have the sky print defect, and 3 do not have the yellow under his name defect, so it IS possible to have one without these 3 defects. Only a card without them is worthy of a "10" from any company if you are going to have companies grade them, in my opinion. And no 1985 Topps Clemens rookie is worth a grand, let alone 2 grand, sorry that's just silly. They made MILLIONS of these cards.

Buy the card, not the holder.


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