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September pick ups

1998 SPx

New member
Jun 11, 2014
Thanks, dano7! Funny that I would get the parallel card first. I've yet to find the base card, #d to 25. I'm guessing it will be a piece of the hat instead of one of the holes. With the exception of the other Satchel Paige card, the handful I'm still looking for are all #d to 10 or less. The chase is getting tougher, but still fun.


Active member
Sep 24, 2016
Mystic, CT
Just finished a great eBay night! 2003 e-x essential credentials /33, 99 topps stars n steel Holo gold domed and last but not least a 99 Tek gold! I'll post pics when they trickle in. All in all under $50, a good night for the Biggio PC!


Active member
Oct 6, 2014
Modesto, CA
Definitely overpaid but really like the look of this card and have the non auto rainbow already

Bring me your Bickford, Ryan McMahon, Senzatela and Peter Lambert cards


Active member
Apr 23, 2011
Warwick, RI
These popped up on ebay the other night, and I jumped quick. Checked the tracking everyday to make sure they were coming, and no one tried to sneak in the backdoor and make a better offer. Got them today. I have seen the Fisk for sale a few times, but the Clark, not so much. And certainly not for $5.95 (the Fisk was $6.95)!



New member
Jan 2, 2013
Speaking of Satchel, just got this yesterday, it's JSA, gonna look to do a framed piece with it.

Will Clark / Mike Brown Collector

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