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This years haloween give aways...


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Sep 9, 2011
Wait, you don't have your store anymore? When did that happen?

Moved from my original store February 2015 due to lack of sales and crazy rent to a neighborhood location which had the makings of an awesome place, truly a little "club" like atmosphere but couldn't draw new blood no matter what advertising I did. Closed up that shop last December.

So I have the distinction of closing two different stores in one year.

So do I miss it? I totally miss the good times and customers who became friends.

I also miss having no knowledge of new fun products like heritage, topps etc. Since I don't sell wax any longer.

But in no way shape or form do I miss all the bills and rent I couldn't afford. I'm still way way behind but getting better slowly.

But to stay ot, when my store was rocking, I would go through a monster box every Halloween and even girls wanted cards. Got to a point that I didn't give out candy because most wanted cards.

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Aug 7, 2008
Oahu, Hawaii
Sorry to read that, BBC. So I guess you need to update your sig before someone shows up at your former business. (I was going to stop in next year when I visited my brother in NYC.)

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