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WTB: 2005 Absolute Tools of the Trade Jumbos

Mar 20, 2010
I'm looking for 2005 Absolute Memorabilia Single Jumbo Reverse cards like pictured. I have 145 of the 166 cards in the set including 8 of the 1/1's and a Babe Ruth graded BGS 9.5. I never thought I'd get this far when I started collecting these cards in 2006. After all these years my goal has not changed... The goal is to obtain every card in the set other than 1/1's (1/1's are the cherries on top) . Here's my updated "NEED" list... any help would be appreciated.
TT-1 Ozzie Smith/1
TT-3 Dale Murphy/10
TT-6 Stan Musial/10
TT-11 Gary Sheffield/1
TT-14 Ernie Banks/1
TT-23 Don Mattingly/10
TT-26 Roy Oswalt/1
TT-27 Vladimir Guerrero/1
TT-60 Kirby Puckett/25 (I own one but it's damaged)
TT-62 Andre Dawson/1
TT-66 Juan Gonzalez/1
TT-69 Randy Johnson/5
TT-71 Adam Dunn/1
TT-88 Magglio Ordonez/1
TT-113 Dale Murphy/1
TT-121 Gaylord Perry/1
TT-123 Harmon Killebrew/1
TT-138 Josh Phelps/50
TT-143 Kevin Millwood/100
TT-173 Robin Yount/1
TT-193 Vladimir Guerrero/1

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