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x2 2023 Bowman's Best (Finally, I hit something)

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Sep 17, 2011
Went on a small vacation and decided to try my luck at Bowman's Best this year and I am glad I did. These are beautiful cards in hand and was a fun rip! The hits:

Base Mini-Diamond /299 (1:22 packs):
Jose Ramirez
Brando Mayea

Base Wave (1:12 packs):
Luis Arraez
Gabriel Gonzalez

1992 Bowman by Randy Johnson (1:6 packs):
Ezequiel Tovar RC
Matt Mervis RC
Victor Mederos RC
Lucas Giolito

Base Gold Lava Refractor /75 (1:87 packs):

Jose Ramirez
Nolan Arenado

Reel to Reel (1:12 packs):
Corbin Carrol RC
Ethan Salas

Masterpieces (1:18 packs):
Francisco Alvarez RC

Shellacked (1:6 packs):
Jordan Walker RC
Corbin Carrol x2 RC
Jackson Churrio

Astral Projections (1:6 packs):
Riley Greene RC
Christopher Morel RC
Matt McLain RC
Michael Harris II RC

Astral Projections Mini-Diamond (1:97 packs):
Riley Greene RC

Base Autograph (1:6 packs):

Junior Caminero
Blake Mitchell
Axel Sanchez
Luis Guanipa
Deyvison De Los Santos

Blue Refractor Autograph /150 (1:46 packs):
Joendry Vargas
Enrique Bradfield Jr

Green Refractor Autograph /99 (1:67 packs):
Wyatt Langford

The Wyatt was the first Auto I pulled out of this break and I figured it was all downhill from there. Solid hits all around and beat some odds! Stoked by this break.