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    How often does the USPS lose/misplace/severly delay stuff?

    thats actually what i meant , though i didnt feel compelled to write a novel...due to the recent issues suxc as covid , the shuttering of some branches m removal of some sorters/boxes , several publicized occurrences of mail theft/tampering/destruction by employees , misinformation about certain...
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    How often does the USPS lose/misplace/severly delay stuff?

    you do realize this thread is 9 years old , right....
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    Are we in a bubble....

    so now the spammers are down to inserting their bogus/malicious links within the content they're quoting ? we really need to find a way to block these clowns from ever being able to register
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    More eBay card policy changes...

    sounds good to me...may cut down on a few cases of buyer's remorse at least...
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    2009 Topps CC Sabathia #170b Yankees variation

    https://www.beckett.com/baseball/2009/topps/170b-cc-sabathia-yankees-sp-7064850 2009 Topps #170b CC Sabathia Yankees SP 5.00 12.00...
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    Kobe e-x 2000

    what you're referring to is most likely the same print defect as on this one : https://www.beckett.com/basketball/1996-97/e-x2000-star-date-2000/3-kobe-bryant-3121590
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    Help with identifying signatures

    i'd at least be curious as to how much you'd need to cover sale and shipping for them all
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    Help with identifying signatures

    hey , dont throw those pinnacle cans away ! some of us still need those regardless of what year or color they are...
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    The March to 20,000 Contest: WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!

    hey chris...just tossing out an idea....looks like the person above this post is number 15 to enter and i know today is the deadline...since there are 30 teams how about everyone who has singed up already gets to re-enter with a second team/date...if you dont like that idea , no biggie...
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    2003 Topps with vintage Topps logo?

    just an fyi , there are 45 cards in the set , not 25...
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    Best Youth Baseball Catchers Gear

    but why would the op want it shipped to hawaii when "her" profile says she is in los angeles anyway ? but then , no one ever accused these fools of being very bright now...
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    Best Youth Baseball Catchers Gear

    well , at least it's not an essay service , tech support for cash app , or the microsoft help desk...
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    The March to 20,000 Contest: WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!

    Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Colorado Rockies Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Dodgers Miami Marlins Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins New York Yankees...
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    What are your most recent retail card pickups and where did you buy?

    various targets have different rues...some have the "limits" mentioned above which essentially means no limits at all ...some have a limit of 1 or 2 products at a certain price point...still others have set up their bar code scanners to only accept the first three of any one product although...

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