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    High School Under Armor Game --had to turn it off

    there - fixed it for ya...
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    Possible game changer for mailing low value card

    i doubt they will be hand cancelled since the postage will be in the form of shipping labels printed from home instead of stamps but i do expect them to be run through sorting machines hence the 1/4 inch limit that is specifically noted as being intended for up to 4 raw cards or 2 cards in top...
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    OK USPS has to step up

    so far in 2020 i have shipped approximately 100 items across ebay , the bench , fcb , etc all using basic bubble mailers with labels printed from home and then placed in my mailbox in the boonies...with the exception of one package taking 9 days to go overseas to an apo address , from january...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    spammers gonna spam....
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    Any thoughts on eBay not using PP exclusively anymore?

    at least as of yesterday i have not yet been forced into the managed payments system nor have i received any contact notifying me of a deadline for it...personally i hate it and will hold off as long as possible...with my financial situation , i pretty much sell a card here or there out of sheer...
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    New member

    and i believe his daughter was moon unit , correct ?
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    New member

    i know whip it from right around the time i was entering jr high , but nothing else by them...and i think i'll stick with coke cherry zero , provolone , and chex turtle mix , and ...well...ANY cards...
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    RIP Paul Hornung

    and the hits just keep coming...man the annual January "video tribute to celebs who died in" 2020 is going to be not only long but a real tough one to watch for many this year...just so many big iconic names in such a short time
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    but keep in mind if you dont have free listings available , each item you end would then require a new listing fee to relist whereas the vacation setting will still allow your items to be seen but with a warning for buyers that you are away and to wait before attempting to make a purchase...if...
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    What would you pay for a Sandy Koufax Sweet Spot Auto #'d to 10?

    it went very cheap , even for a nearly 100% faded copy....
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    New member

    ahhh....gotcha...outside my genre for the most part...and for the first time in what seems like ages , i DONT have that same funny feeling about the second new member in this thread....welcome aboard kyle ...
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    oh wow , thanks....that would be awesome...i still have about a lot left despite having many stolen and having to burn or simply abandon several million destroyed by water , cats , insects , or careless people helping with the move...and while i have no idea how long it may take once i get...
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    nope..i collect duplicates of every item i can find of anyone with ties to usc as a player , coach , commitment , etc , but since i am now disabled living off less than $800 per month which barely covers rent , phone , and utilities , then comes up short on food and other exiting bills , let...
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    New member

    i have no clue what that means ....but i still have a funny feeling about the op
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    New member

    i have a funny feeling......

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