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d2r's 2019 Atlanta Braves road to the World Series chit chat thread

Last night I made a great sacrifice to the Baseball Gods by burning my sealed 1990 AND 1991 Donruss factory sets (with the puzzle pieces!) and using them as firewood as I danced and hollered around the flames while on peyote, dressed as an Indian with tomahawk in hand. Had I not been on peyote I would have realized just how racist I appeared and that's my excuse if someone happened to be filming me on their iphone without my knowledge.

But anyway, the immense value of those factory sets should be a well enough sacrifice to FINALLY get the Braves past the NLDS and then face off with the Dodgers/Nats in the NLCS. I will have to make an even bigger sacrifice to the Gods right before that series, possibly my 1990 Fleer factory set which currently sells for over $100 grand!


On a more serious note, my uncle died on Sunday so I haven't been on here much and with the funeral coming this weekend, a Braves victory would certainly lift my mood.

Having said that, let's get this show on the road! Just a couple more hours to game 1...
Oh yeah, and another thing....getting back on to this site was a real b!tch...firefox kept telling me they don't trust this site, it's not secure, admin will steal my my info and wouldn't let me in...then when I found a way past that via another route onto here it kept redirecting me to some porn site -> https://www.sp411.cc/

I couldn't get in until I went to the twitter page and clicked on the link on there...wtf is wrong with this place? Is it possible I caught something trying to get in? Should I start a regimen of antibiotics? Please don't be AIDS, please don't be AIDS....
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Was it the Uncle you wanted to go to the WS with?

I have been decent... something happened, but then I can't seem to remember. :confused: Good to see you back.
Nah, that's my brother. My uncle was a hard drinking, truck driving, chain smoking (and not just cigarettes if ya get my meaning) redneck of a man and I mean that in the kindest way possible. He once had a mullet which was simply fantastic and you could never understand what he was saying cuz he always mumbled. As kids we'd just nod and laugh so it looked like we knew what he was saying. He lived up to all those stereotypes of the Southern redneck (minus the racism....I think?). Dude was my kinda man

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