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d2r's 2019 Atlanta Braves road to the World Series chit chat thread

Kinda surprised Teheran didn’t start today, and that he wasnt used after keuchel was taken out
I never expected Snitker to use him as a starter (in any postseason game) since the only reason he's on the roster to begin with is because a bullpen arm went down...but I also figured he'd use him after Keuchel was taken down or at some point to eat up a couple innings in relief.
So Acuna led off the game with a hit...led off an inning with a triple and hit a leadoff double to start the 9th....and yet NOBODY has driven him in. I guess the only way for our hottest hitter to touch home base today (if we stay alive long enough) is for him to hit a leadoff home run.

This postseason he's hitting .500 with a 1.579 OPS. Yet whenever you hear his name it's always about that hit where he failed to hustle
Well, it was a great season up until October.....come to think of it, that should be the Braves motto.

Folty suffers from the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome...if the wrong one shows up, we're f**ked as is the case tonight.

Until next year folks...

BTW, this was directed at chippernate's heart scare, after thinking about it D2R's liver might be even worse than mine, so I don't want that one! :lol:
I'm amazed my liver isn't as damaged as Folty's head
At least it was a quick death....not some long drawn out insufferable torturous death like something out of a Saw movie. You know, like where the Cards let us think we have a chance to still win the game...always a run behind, occasionally tying it up, maybe even getting a one run lead in the 8th or 9th only to see our bullpen do what it generally always does.

This way, as fans (at least the logical ones) we know the season is over and don't have to suffer several mini heart attacks in the process. Take for instance me, I can now turn off the game, go get high and then jerk off to porn.

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