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d2r's 2019 Atlanta Braves road to the World Series chit chat thread

Ahhh Atlanta. City of chokers. I was 7 the last time they even advanced past the 1st round, was hoping they’d finally do it again but doesn’t look like it’ll happen this year. Just wow haha
Yeah, I was 18 last time we got anywhere in the postseason but that was during the "high life, Mr. feelgood" years of my life in which I can't recall anything that actually happened. The last time I actually remember us getting past the first round was back in '96. That was a real heart breaker, as it was my first "full season" as a Braves fan. I became a fan in '95 during the midseason when I discovered the Braves on TBS and decided I liked baseball. I just happened to get real lucky that year and got to witness a World Series victory.

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