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Dilferules's 1988-present Oakland A's autograph thread


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

16 new A's in 1994.

acremark95sr.jpgMark Acre - I thought he was a future closer but he was a dud.

berroageronimo96leafsigb.jpgGeronimo Berroa - Hit 87 homers for the mid-90s A's.

bowiejim95sroldjudge.jpgJim Bowie - No memory of him, played 6 games in '94 and that was it.

noboajunior.jpgJunior Noboa - Why on earth was Junior Noboa on the '94 A's? No idea but he hit .325 in 17 games and was released. The whole thing is a mystery.

reyescarlos96leafsige.jpgCarlos Reyes - Provided below-average middle relief to the A's for 4 seasons.

righettidave.jpgDave Righetti - Dave Righetti pitched 7 games for the A's! He had a 16.71 ERA and was released. No A's cards.

saxsteve.jpgSteve Sax - Saxy Boy played the final 7 games of his career for the A's and got no A's cards.

youngernie96leafsigg.jpgErnie Young - He didn't do a whole lot in the majors but did win a gold medal on the 2000 US Olympic baseball team.

Mike Brumley - He showed up on the '94 A's as well - I've got one incoming.
Fausto Cruz - Middle infielder that never did much.
Dave Leiper - Seemed to be a LOOGY and had a 1.93 ERA for the team. He has some cards from a previous '80s A's stint so I should be able to find one of those.
Francisco Matos - Who? Looks like he has one MLB card in '95 Pacific.
Steve Phoenix - His entire MLB career was 3 games over 2 seasons and his only MLB card was a 4-player Topps rookie card in 1995. Seems like he'll be a toughie.
Jeff Schaefer - Got one incoming.
Billy Taylor - Surprising I don't have his autograph, he was the A's closer for three and a half years.
Ed Vosberg - He has a Rangers card in '96 Leaf Signature Extended so I'll just wait to find one cheap.

So only 8/16 for 1994, rough. 93/127 1988-94.

I already have my first upgrade - remembered John Briscoe was in 1996 Leaf Signature Extended:



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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

16 new A's in 1995...really seems to stick around 15-16 new guys a year.

giambijason01udjsyautonum.jpgJason Giambi - Hey our first taste of 2000's stuff! I've got about 25 Giambi autographs.

prietoariel96leafsigg.jpgAriel Prieto - The As's famously drafted the "sure thing" Cuban defector Prieto instead of somebody risky like that Todd Helton guy. It didn't turn out great.

tartabulldanny96leafsigb.jpgDanny Tartabull - Tartabull played 24 games for the A's so it's doubtful he'll ever get an A's certified auto.

wasdinjohn94sr.jpgJohn Wasdin - I thought he would be great but he wasn't. He somehow managed to stick around 12 years in the majors with a career 5.28 ERA.

wengertdon96leafsige.jpgDon Wengert - The A's loaded up on W pitchers, market inefficiency.

williamsgeorge96leafsigg.jpgGeorge Williams - Backup catcher for a few years.

wojciechowskisteve95sr.jpgSteve Wojciechowski - I can rattle off Duchscherer without looking but I have to cut and paste this abomination every time.

Scott Baker - Not the 2000's Twins pitcher, this guy pitched a single game in the majors.
Chris Eddy - Pitched 6 MLB games; I've got an autograph incoming.
Ramon Fermin - Pitched one MLB game but does have a 1995 Bowman A's card.
Mike Harkey - Started 12 games for the A's and does have two A's cards in 1995 Mother's Cookies and Fleer Update.
Brian Harper - No memory of Harper's 2 games with the A's. No A's cards for him but I've got a Twins auto incoming.
Jose Herrera - I have one incoming from this onetime prospect.
Doug Johns - Pitched 4 seasons with the A's and Orioles and does have some A's cards.
Todd Stottlemyre - Surprised I don't have one, he didn't have a ton of A's cards.
Andy Tomberlin - He has one A's card in 1995 Mother's Cookies, that would be a needle in a haystack to find signed.

So that's a sad 7/16 for 1995 and 100/143 1988-1995.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Alright I'm going to try to get through the rest of the '90s today. The late '90s are absolutely brutal because I was more heavily collecting football at the time and I haven't gone back and tried to fill in many holes aside from certified A's autos. Oh well this project gives me motivation to look for some of these.


adamswillie97bowautoblack.jpgWillie Adams - Prospect that never panned out, but hey at least we're getting into the years where Bowman will cover some of these guys with certified autos.

battleallen96leafsigg.jpgAllen Battle - Only played 2 years in the majors with the Cardinals and A's but at least he got an autographed card. And he had a cool name.

bournigalrafael96leafsige.jpgRafael Bournigal - Utility infielder for three seasons.

groombuddy96leafsige.jpgBuddy Groom - Reliever pitched in 70+ games in 4 straight seasons with the A's, then went to Baltimore and did it in another 3. Real first name was Wedsel.

lovullotorey96leafsige.jpgTorey Lovullo - Classic AAAA player, luckily his only certified auto was with Oakland. Current Diamondbacks manager, though based on how they are doing maybe it's not for long.

molinaizzy95srauto.jpgIzzy Molina - The 4th best catcher in major league history named Molina, behind Yadier and brothers but I'd put him ahead of Gustavo.

montgomerysteve96leafsige.jpgSteve Montgomery - 4 year MLB career but the only non-disastrous season was in '99 for the Phillies.

moorekerwin96sroldjudge.jpgKerwin Moore - I remember him being a prospect but don't remember him on the team at all. Made it into 22 games, mostly as a pinch runner or defensive replacement.

plantierphil96leafsigg.jpgPhil Plantier - I can remember when his cards were hot in 1991 because he hit .331 with 11 homers in 148 AB for the Red Sox...he was already washed-up by the time he made it to the A's for a single season.

smallaaron96leafsige.jpgAaron Small - Appeared in 3 seasons with the A's as a middling to terrible reliever, better known for somehow going 10-0 with the 2005 Yankees. This card was probably selling for TWO dollars instead of one dollar that year!

(continued in next post)


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
1996 (continued)

spiezioscott97bowautogold.jpgScott Spiezio - A's starting second baseman for the end of the '90s before he won rings with the Angels and Cardinals.

stairsmatt18tarchautosil.jpgMatt Stairs - Surprisingly his only certified auto prior to this 2018 Archives card was from 1996 Leaf Signature Extended. Hit 122 homers for the 1996-2000 A's and had a 19-year MLB career.

Tony Batista - Surprisingly no certified autos were made for him.
Bobby Chouinard - Had several A's cards, one is incoming from eBay.
Paul Fletcher - Short career reliever...have one incoming.
Webster Garrison* - Only 5 MLB games with the 1996 A's but he has coached and managed in the A's minor league system for 22 years. Nearly died from COVID-19 last year. I've got an autograph in my 3 month late shipment from COMC.
Brian Lesher - Outfielder played parts of 3 seasons with the A's and has some A's cards.
Damon Mashore - I have a Mirror Gold Mashore from 1997 but no autograph!
Pedro Munoz - Only 34 games with the A's at the end of his career but does have several A's cards, I'll have to keep my eye out.
Dave Telgheder - Has 5 A's cards so maybe I can find one.
Jay Witasick* - I have a certified auto from later in his career at COMC.

Only 12/21 for 1996 but the next 3 years will be even worse. 112/164 for 1988-1996.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

21 new A's in 1997.

bellhornmark00fautographics.jpgMark Bellhorn - Didn't work out in Oakland but was on the 2004 Red Sox World Series winning team and this is his only certified auto so it's a bit more valuable than you'd think.

grieveben98donsigcentury.jpgBen Grieve - Rookie of the Year followed by nothing! I have tons of his autos.

haynesjimmy.jpgJimmy Haynes - I also have his '96 Leaf Signature card with another team but might as well show my A's card.

magadandave.jpgDave Magadan - Not especially eager to upgrade to any of his certified autographs unless I see it in a dollar bin or something, but I'll keep my eye out for an uncertified A's card.

mathewstj96leafsigb.jpgTJ Mathews - 1996 Leaf Signature to the rescue. He was part of the McGwire "haul" from the Cardinals and lasted 4 and a half years as a mediocre reliever.

oquistmike.jpgMike Oquist - Got this in person when he was playing for the A's AA team in 2004.

rigbybrad97bowautoblack.jpgBrad Rigby - Second round pick was a very mediocre starter for half a season in 1997 and didn't do much after that.

tejadamiguel97donsigcent.jpgMiguel Tejada - I have more than a few of his autographs but you can't beat a Century Marks RC.

Billy Brewer - No A's cards for his 3-game tenure with the team.
Tilson Brito - He's in 1996 Leaf Signature so I'll keep an eye out.
Gary Haught - Never heard of him but he pitched 6 games for the A's and that was his whole career. No MLB cards but many A's minor league team set cards.
Dane Johnson - Don't remember him but he pitched 38 games for the '97 A's and even got 2 saves. Lone MLB card is in 1994 Fleer Update with the White Sox.
John Johnstone - Another reliever I don't remember - has several MLB cards but none with the A's.
Tim Kubinski - Has a 1999 Fleer Update A's card.
Pat Lennon - Don't remember him being on the A's. Looks like he had a 1998 Pacific Invincible Gems of the Diamond card, I don't think I even have that unsigned.
Richie Lewis - Apparently he pitched 17 games for the team in '97, who knew.
Andrew Lorraine* - I've got a Signature Rookies auto at COMC.
Eric Ludwick - Got a Best auto incoming.
Brent Mayne - Had a long career but only one certified auto (non-A's) so it's a little popular, I'll hope to find one of his 2 A's cards signed.
Jason McDonald - Bounced around between the minors and the A's for a few years, have one incoming.
Scott Sheldon - Another guy I don't remember, no A's cards for him.

So only 8/21 for 1997. 120/185 for the first ten years of the project, 1988-97.


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Sep 30, 2017
Alright I'm going to try to get through the rest of the '90s today. The late '90s are absolutely brutal because I was more heavily collecting football at the time and I haven't gone back and tried to fill in many holes aside from certified A's autos. Oh well this project gives me motivation to look for some of these.

View attachment 135416Allen Battle - Only played 2 years in the majors with the Cardinals and A's but at least he got an autographed card. And he had a cool name.
I thought Battle was going to be huge for the Cardinals. He torched (at least by the prospect standards back then for a Cards fan) the minors before having a good first call up to the majors. I was legit ticked off when they included him in the Stottlemyre trade. He was good in the minors even after Oakland but just never got the call again.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

22 new A's in 1998.

blowersmike96leafsigb.jpgMike Blowers - He was the starting third baseman on the '98 A's and racked up a negative WAR. Luckily the A's had a good replacement that would debut the same year.

candiottitom96leafsigb.jpgTom Candiotti - Yup Candiotti played for the A's near the end of his career. Led the league with 16 losses in 1998.

chavezeric00skyautographicspurp.jpgEric Chavez - Seems like a good replacement for Blowers. I own over 100 Chavez autographs, certainly the most of any baseball player. He was in A LOT of autograph sets.

herediagil96leafsige.jpgGil Heredia - He had a decent run as a starter for parts of 4 seasons with the A's.

hinchaj98donsigcm.jpgAJ Hinch - Top catching prospect that never panned out then went on to manage the Astros to a World Series title before being canned. See what I did there?

mackshane.jpgShane Mack - Shane O. Mack played 3 games for the A's and needless to say does not have an A's card.

mitchellkevin.jpgKevin Mitchell - Yep Kevin Mitchell played for the A's and actually made it into one set (1998 Pacific Online). It's kind of tough to find even an unsigned copy of that card so I think I'll be happy with this Giants card.

neillmike94srauto.jpgMike Neill - Played 6 MLB games but was on the 2000 gold medal team with Ernie Young.

Ryan Christenson - I have one incoming from this current A's coach.
Steve Connelly - No MLB cards for Steve, who incredibly managed to give up 10 hits and 4 walks in 4.2 innings of relief but has a career 1.93 ERA.
Jime Dougherty - I have a signed Astros card incoming, pretty sure he had 0 A's cards as he only pitched 9 games for the team.
Mike Fetters - I have a '96 Leaf Signature incoming.
Mark Holzemer - Never heard of him but he's got a '96 Leaf Signature card so that's incoming.
Mike Macfarlane - I've got a Royals 1996 Leaf Signature card incoming.
Bip Roberts - Bip played the final 61 games of his career with the A's. Not sure if I'll pick up his Padres Fan Favorites auto or cough up $20 to PastPros to get his one A's card signed.
Kenny Rogers - A bit surprising I don't have a Kenny Rogers autograph, but he had no certified autos and is a tough signer.
Ed Sprague - The current A's farm director played 27 games for the 1998 team. He has a couple of A's cards so I may hold out hope for one of those.
Blake Stein - Another of the dud pitchers picked up in the McGwire trade, he did have some A's cards.
Jorge Velandia - Probably most famous for having a short-printed card in 1998 Ultra, he spent parts of three seasons with the A's and does have a few A's cards.
Jack Voigt - Played the last season of his career for the A's. I've got an Orioles auto incoming - he was in only one set with the A's, 1998 Pacific Online.
Jason Wood* - A's prospect that didn't do much, he did get a couple of Marlins autographs in UD products nearly a decade later, and I've got one of those at COMC.
Tim Worrell - He has an A's card in an obscure 1999 team issued set but I've got a signed Padres card incoming.

Only 8/22 for the year. Now it's 128/207 1988-98.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

18 new A's in 1999.

harvillechad00justautoblack.jpgChad Harville - Reliever seemed like a perennial prospect who could never quite break through. He did eventually have two or three full-ish seasons for other teams but didn't have good results.

hernandezramon98bauto.jpgRamon Hernandez - A's starting catcher 2000-2003, went on to have a 15-year career. Famous surprise bunt single was featured in Moneyball.

hudsontim04sweetautobat.jpgTim Hudson - The first of the "big three" won 222 games in his career. Of course I have quite a few of his autographs.

isringhausenjason95sroldjudge.jpgJason Isringhausen - Washed out as a Mets starter then went on to save 300 games. His only certified autographs were in 1995 Signature Rookies products.

jahajohn00skyautographics.jpgJohn Jaha - Hit 35 homers as the A's DH in 1999 then played very few games for the team the next 2 years...must have been injured. Made it into 4 different Fleer autograph sets in 2000!

jonesdoug.jpgDoug Jones - Finished his career with the 1999-2000 A's at 42 and 43 years old, and was still effective. He was never in a certified auto set but he has a couple of A's cards so maybe I can find one signed.

rainestim.jpgTim Raines - Yup Tim Raines played 58 games for the A's, and was not too good at this point. Made it into a few sets as an Athletic.

Kevin Appier - Has a Royals autograph in 2018 Archives so I may go for that or wait for an uncertified A's card.
Rich Becker - He's in '96 Leaf Signature so I'll keep my eyes out for one of those.
Kevin Jarvis - Pitched 4 games for the A's...it's baffling he managed to pitch 780 big league innings with a career 6.03 ERA. There can't be many who pitched that much with a higher ERA than that.
Brett Laxton - He has some Bowman A's cards I'll have to look out for signed.
Ron Mahay - If his nickname wasn't The Mahay Kid there shouldn't be nicknames. He got a team-issued A's card and made it into a couple of Topps Total sets with the Rangers.
Greg McMichael* - Very vaguely remember him on the team. I've got a '96 Leaf Signature at COMC.
Frank Menechino - Fan favorite for the 1999-2004 teams, I was shocked I didn't already have a Big Bank Frank autograph. Got one incoming now.
Omar Olivares - Have a '96 Leaf Signature incoming.
Olmedo Saenz - Stuck around with the A's for 4 seasons then later played for the Dodgers for 4 years. No certified autos for him.
Randy Velarde - No certified autos for him so I'm trying to hold out for an uncertified A's card.
Luis Vizcaino* - Didn't do much with the A's but went on to have an 11-year career as a sometimes solid reliever. I've got a Just minor league auto at COMC.

7/18 for 1999, 135/225 1988-1999. Hopefully my success rate picks up in the 2000's with all of the autographs that started coming out in packs.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Okay let's get started on the 21st century.


19 new A's in 2000.

byrneseric01tgoldenauto.jpgEric Byrnes - Wacky dude was a bit of a fan favorite during parts of 6 seasons with the A's.

giambijeremy02studauto.jpgJeremy Giambi - The Giambi that never learned how to slide.

longterrence03lcertmirblack.jpgTerrence Long - T. Long is definitely on the short list for best looking A's signature. I can't imagine how much time it took him to sign all those stickers and cards, he was in many auto sets.

magnantemike96leafsige.jpgMike Magnante - Reliever spent his last 3 seasons with the A's.

muldermark99ttautopsa10.jpgMark Mulder - I have plenty of his autographs.

ortizjose01elitetotcauto.jpgJose Ortiz - Infielder prospect who was the main piece in the trade that netted the A's Jermaine Dye, he never quite made it.

piattadam01fautoggold.jpgAdam Piatt - Destroyed the Texas League in 1999 when he hit .345 with 39 homers and 135 RBI but he never quite put it together at the big league level in parts of 4 seasons. Later named on the Mitchell Report.

stanleymike96leafsigb.jpgMike Stanley - Played 32 games at the end of his career for the A's.

zitobarry00toppsauto.jpgBarry Zito - Probably my most heavily collected Oakland player of all time. Can't beat that good for the A's/bad for the Giants combo!

Todd Belitz* - I have a Best minor league auto at COMC.
Sal Fasano* - Have a 1996 Leaf Signature card at COMC.
Marcus Jones - One career game, a start where he gave up 4 runs in 2.1 innings. No major league cards but he has a few A's minor league team issues.
Jim Mecir - A's favorite reliever, I've got one on the way.
Bo Porter - The future Astros manager had an A's card in 2000 Bowman Draft.
Jon Ratliff - Pitched 1 inning for the A's; I've got a signed non-A's card incoming.
Rich Sauveur - Career minor leaguer got cups of coffee in 6 different seasons between 1986 and 2000. His only MLB cards are 1993 Topps Gold (checklist replacement) and a 2000 A's team issue, but a minor league auto shouldn't be tough.
Scott Service - His only A's card is a 2000 team issue so I'll probably settle for a non-A's uncertified auto.
Jeff Tam - Tam had a couple of A's cards so I should be able to find one signed.
Mario Valdez - Had a 1999 SP Signature card with the White Sox I'll have to keep my eye out for.

9/19 for 2000 and 144/244 1988-2000. Already up to missing 100 signatures and we're far from halfway there!

Oh another upgrade, found this Magadan while hunting other cards in my boxes:


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

Only 15 new A's in 2001.

bradfordchad.jpgChad Bradford - Always liked this submariner reliever. At least enough to send a TTM request to him back in the day.

damonjohnny01ttauto.jpgJohnny Damon - Spent a season with the A's before moving on to the Red Sox and Yankees.

dyejermaine02tauto.jpgJermaine Dye - Spent three and a half seasons with the A's but only that first half season was particularly good.

guthriemark96leafsige.jpgMark Guthrie - Guthrie spent one below-average season with the A's.

myersgreg96leafsige.jpgGreg Myers - Spent a year and a half backing up Ramon Hernandez.

Andy Abad - Have one incoming.
Mike Fyhrie - Pitched 19 games for the 2001 & 2002 teams but did get an A's card in 2002 UD 40-Man.
Ron Gant - Gant played a little for the A's in two nonconsecutive seasons. He has a couple of A's cards so I'm holding out for that or maybe an Archives Braves auto.
Erik Hiljus - Started 20 games for the 2001-02 teams and has several A's cards but seems to be a tough signature.
Robin Jennings - Have one incoming.
Cory Lidle - He has a few A's cards but this will be tough/expensive because I'd prefer something authenticated since he famously died young and would be a target for forgery.
Billy McMillon - Has very few A's cards but that's what I'm shooting for.
Rob Ryan - Has an autograph in 1999 Topps Traded so I'll be on the lookout.
FP Santangelo - No cards commemorate F.P.'s 32 games with the A's at the tail end of his career.
Tom Wilson - Have one incoming.

That's a brutal 5/15 for 2001 and 149/259 1988-2001.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

19 new A's in the Moneyball year.

bowiemicah99autographics.jpgMicah Bowie - AAAA type reliever bounced up and down for a couple seasons with the A's.

durhamray96leafsigb.jpgRay Durham - Played 54 games in the second half of the season with an .806 OPS - I always liked him dating back to when he came up with the White Sox.

ellismark02elitetotcauto.jpgMark Ellis - Longtime A's second baseman was a solid 3-4 WAR player 2002-2011 with the team.

harangaaron.jpgAaron Harang - One of my few A's TTM requests around this time period. Had many certified autos during his 14-year career but none with the A's.

hattebergscott15tfanautogold.jpgScott Hatteberg - Didn't have any A's certified autos prior to this 2015 Archives Fan Favorites release.

justicedave03heritage20archives.jpgDavid Justice - Picked up this beauty earlier this year.

kochbilly00revauto.jpgBilly Koch - Had one excellent season as the A's closer but does not have any A's certified autos.

lillyted04udetchautoblue.jpgTed Lilly - I've got a Lilly collection because he went to high school somewhat near me in central California. Lone MLB certified autos were in 2004 UD Etchings with the Blue Jays.

mabryjohn96leafsigb.jpgJohn Mabry - Always well remembered by A's fans for playing excellently in the second half of the 2002 season.

mckaycody02bbest.jpgCody McKay - Son of former A's coach Dave McKay got into 2 games for the 2002 team and went 2 for 3.

(continued in next post)


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2002 (continued)

penacarlos02studauto.jpgCarlos Pena - Rookie started out the season not doing too well and was traded with Jeremy Bonderman for Ted Lilly and a couple of minor leaguers that didn't pan out. Memorably featured in Moneyball.

rinconricardo99stadcosign.jpgRicardo Rincon - Rincon's certified autos are all Stadium Club Co-Signers cards from 1999. So hey I also got Mike Lowell out of the deal.

suttonlarry95sr.jpgLarry Sutton - Only played 7 games with the A's but hey look at that beautiful signature!

Mike Colangelo - Have one incoming.
Jose Flores - Weirdly tough to find his few A's base cards unsigned even.
Esteban German - Have one incoming.
Jason Grabowski - Have one incoming.
Mike Holtz - Pitched 16 games in relief for the A's but does have an A's card in 2002 UD 40-Man.
Mike Venafro - Also has a 2002 UD 40-Man A's card.

13/19 for 2002, that's better. 162/278 1988-2002.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

17 new A's in 2003.

crosbybobby09tuniquebutton.jpgBobby Crosby - The future ROY debuted in 2003. I have a ton of his stuff but luckily I didn't buy at the peak.

duchschererjustin08finauto.jpgJustin Duchscherer - A good pitcher when he happened to not be injured. Made the all-star team twice, as a reliever and starter. Career 3.13 ERA but last pitched at age 32 due to hip problems.

durazoerubiel00freshink.jpgErubiel Durazo - Played 3 seasons for the A's but all of is certified autos were as a youngster with the Diamondbacks.

edwardsmike00ttauto.jpgMike Edwards - Played 4 games for the A's.

guillenjose99spsig.jpgJose Guillen - Tore it up in the first half of the season with the Reds, then after the A's gave up Harang for him he was decidedly meh the rest of the year. Don't think he has any A's autos.

hardenrich07sweetgloveauto.jpgRich Harden - Oh what could have been...was often brilliant when he was not injured, which wasn't much. The A's did pick up Josh Donaldson in the deal that shipped him to the Cubs.

johnsonmark94classic4.jpgMark Johnson - Played 13 games for the A's.

kooncegraham04lcertmirgoldauto.jpgGraham Koonce - Minor league slugger hit 34 homers in AAA that year but his entire MLB career was 8 at bats, where he managed to strike out 6 times.

melhuseadam00royalrookies.jpgAdam Melhuse - A's backup catcher for 4 seasons, his only certified auto is in the godawful 2000 Royal Rookies.

neumike04ttsigmoves.jpgMike Neu - Rule 5 pick reliever spent all of 2003 with the team then was part of the trade that brought Mark Redman from the Marlins. No certified A's autos.

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2003 (continued)

singletonchris00autographics.jpgChris Singleton - The A's had high hopes for him for some reason, but he was an absolute dud in one season.

woodmike04udprosigs.jpgMike Wood - Only pitched 7 games for the A's but did get this auto card. Part of the 3-team deal that most famously shipped Carlos Beltran to the Astros.

Jeremy Fikac - Got one incoming.
Keith Foulke - Has several Red Sox autos but nothing for the A's.
John Halama - Got one incoming.
Dave McCarty* - The early '90s top prospect played in 8 games for the A's. I have a 1996 Leaf Signature at COMC.
Steve Sparks - Got one incoming.

12/17 for 2003, 174/295 1988-2003. Almost at the halfway point for this project!


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

17 new A's in 2004.

blantonjoe06artmlbapp1.jpgJoe Blanton - Had some okay years and some terrible years. Went on to become the weakest link on some great Phillies staffs.

doteloctavio05studiops.jpgOctavio Dotel - Not that good in his season and a half with the A's.

hammondchris96leafsigb.jpgChris Hammond - Pitched one season for the A's and was pretty good.

kieltybobby04udetchings.jpgBobby Kielty - The A's traded Ted Lilly for him straight up and he just ended up being a below average 4th outfielder for 3 seasons. Had very red hair.

kotsaymark04toppssigmoves.jpgMark Kotsay - A's center fielder for three and a half seasons kind of underperformed but was a fan favorite. Later came back to coach with the team.

lehrjustin04spx.jpgJustin Lehr - Relief prospect never amounted to much in parts of 4 MLB seasons.

mclemoremark96leafsige.jpgMark McLemore - Yup McLemore played his final season for the A's.

redmanmark95classic5auto.jpgMark Redman - A's signed him to eat some innings and that's exactly what he did.

rhodesarthur96leafsigb.jpgArthur Rhodes - He made one of his many stops with the A's and was pretty terrible.

saarlooskirk07udss.jpgKirk Saarloos - I was always a big fan of Captain Kirk for some reason. He was basically a 5th starter during his tenure on the team and was very so-so.

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2004 (continued)

scutaromarco02spauto.jpgMarco Scutaro - Scrappy fan favorite spent 4 years on the team and ended up having a 13-year career. This is his only certified auto.

swishernick07sweetsilauto.jpgNick Swisher - I've never been able to decipher why his autograph looks like that. Entertaining player!

Ramon Castro - Not the catcher, an infielder who played 9 MLB games.
Jairo Garcia/Santiago Casilla - Came up as Jairo but he was one of the guys with a fake birth certificate so his name switched to Santiago. Won 3 rings with the Giants.
Eric Karros - He has autos in 1997 and 1998 Donruss Signature and 2015 Archives, need to keep my eye out for one of those.
Damian Miller - A's starting catcher for one season, between the Ramon Hernandez and Jason Kendall years. Just kind of filled the spot, not memorable.
Mike Rose - Catcher played 2 games for the A's and his stuff is hard to find.

12/17 for 2004 and 186/312 1988-2004.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

21 new A's in 2005.

bocachicahiram94sr.jpgHiram Bocachica - Reliably played less than 10 games a year for the 2005-2007 A's.

bynumfreddie01bcauto.jpgFreddie Bynum - He hit the only foul ball I ever "caught" (it was still rolling around a little on the ground) at a pro game, in AA. Got him to sign the ball after the game.

calerokiko06udss.jpgKiko Calero - Reliever pitched 4 seasons for the A's.

cruzjuan02donclasss.jpgJuan Cruz - Received in the terrible Tim Hudson trade, had a 7.44 ERA in one season before being shipped off.

ethertonseth01autographics.jpgSeth Etherton - Started 3 games for the A's with a 6.62 ERA. Has a cool-looking signature.

floresron06sweetsig50.jpgRon Flores - Reliever bounced up and down for 3 seasons with the A's and had an okay ERA but never got another MLB chance.

ginterkeith02bowherauto.jpgKeith Ginter - The A's traded Nelson Cruz for him and he lasted one season with a .161 BA, never to appear in the majors again.

harendan07sweetgloveauto25.jpgDan Haren - Cool guy and was very good in his 3 seasons as an A's starter.

johnsondan05bowautored.jpgDan Johnson - Bounced around in the majors for 10 years but when given a chance to start with the A's wasn't quite good enough.

kendalljason06ultmatauto.jpgJason Kendall - Starting catcher for two and a half years, he was pretty decent.

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Aug 10, 2012
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2005 (continued)

kennedyjoe01bowauto.jpgJoe Kennedy - Decent in two and a half seasons as a swingman with the A's. Tragically passed away at 28 years old due to a heart condition.

paytonjay97donsig.jpgJay Payton - Played a so-so season and a half in the A's outfield.

reamesbritt98bestauto.jpgBritt Reames - Pitched 2 games for the A's.

streethuston04spautogold.jpgHuston Street - I've got a lot of autographs of the 2005 AL ROY. Picked up 324 career saves.

thomascharles05spxauto10.jpgCharles Thomas - Another piece in the Tim Hudson trade, he hit .109 in 30 games for the A's and never played in the majors again.

yabukeiichi05absspecauto.jpgKeiichi Yabu - 36 year old rookie from Japan was mediocre in his single season with the A's.

Alberto Castillo - Bounced around for 12 years but only played 1 game for the A's.
Jermaine Clark* - I have a Royal Rookies auto sitting at COMC.
Ryan Glynn - Pitched 5 games for the A's, I have an autograph incoming.
Tim Harikkala - Had a long minor league career and pitched 8 games for the A's.
Matt Watson - Played 19 games for the 2005 A's then another dozen for the 2010 team. His only MLB cards were 2000 Bowman and Chrome.

16/21 for 2005 and 202/333 1988-2005.


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Aug 10, 2012
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16 new A's in 2006.

bradleymilton01toppsgaauto.jpgMilton Bradley - The A's gave up Andre Ethier for him and he was decent in a season and a half before being shipped off for a reliever.

brownjeremy07spxyssigspec.jpgJeremy Brown - Famous as the catcher with a big ass from Moneyball. He played 5 games for the 2006 team and after spending 2007 in AAA, retired in 2008 when it was evident he wouldn't make the big league team. Seems like he would have gotten another shot as the A's backup catcher in 2008 was really terrible.

gaudinchad03lcertauto.jpgChad Gaudin - He was pretty decent in 2 and a half years with the A's as a starter and reliever. Pitched in the bigs for 11 seasons.

halseybrad04lcertcutsblueauto.jpgBrad Halsey - Oakland was the last stop for his 3 year MLB career, he was mediocre for the team. Seems to have had a troubled life after baseball and died at age 33 in 2014 after falling/jumping from a 100-foot cliff.

jimenezdangelo01autographics.jpgD'Angelo Jimenez - Only played 8 games with the A's.

kigermark.jpgMark Kiger - A real moonlight Graham type of player. His entire MLB career was in the 2006 ALCS, where he was allowed to be added to the roster due to injuries on the team. He made it into 2 games as a defensive replacement and got 0 at-bats. He continued in the minors through 2009 but never made it back to the major leagues.

komineshane07bowsott.jpgShane Komine - The Hawaiian Punch-Out pitched 4 MLB games in his career, all with Oakland.

loaizaesteban97donsig.jpgEsteban Loaiza - His 120-mph drunk driving arrest was the most memorable part of his A's tenure.

perezantonio03lcertblueauto.jpgAntonio Perez - Utility infielder somehow managed to appear in 57 games while hitting a scintillating .102.

rousemike06sweetauto.jpgMike Rouse - Low-end prospect managed to get into seemingly three billion autograph sets.

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Aug 10, 2012
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2006 (continued)

thomasfrank.jpgFrank Thomas - He was my favorite in the mid-90s so I bought this 8x10 with a no-name COA at a 1994 card show. I mean...it might be real? UD issued a few A's autos but they're of course pretty limited, need to keep my eyes open for one.

windsorjason04elitetotcauto.jpgJason Windsor - 2004 third round pick pitched in 4 games in 2006 and that was it for him.

Doug Clark - Have one incoming.
Randy Keisler - Going to guess he was called Randy Kiester as a child. No A's cards.
Matt Roney - Don't think he has any A's cards, either.
Scott Sauerbeck - Pitched 22 games for the A's and made it into a team-issued set.

12/16 for 2006 and 214/349 1988-2006.