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Hall of Famers in one set

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Jan 19, 2010
Has anyone ever gone and counted the Hall of Fame members in each/any regular issue set that only included active players at the time of issue (excludes sets like 1960-61 Fleer, special HOF sets or other sets that may otherwise be loaded with retired stars/HOFers) or seen it posted somewhere?

I would also suggest that a player is counted once even if they have multiple card appearances and excluding special cards in a set like league leaders, TBC, multiplayer specials & playoff cards among other types of that is their only appearance that year and count only regular issue, single subject cards. Possible exceptions to consider might be single manager cards or those featuring a single player like the 1975 Al Kaline highlight or the 1978 Brooks Robinson record breaker because there were no regular cards of said player that year, but to stay consistent, maybe require that cards must have the player stats on reverse.

I know that it can be ever updating with older players getting elected by committee years after they have retired, but I have always wondered what set has the largest number of unique HOF player cards included and would also be neat to know how many total HOF members in a set if we include managers.


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Dec 12, 2012
I've never looked at the numbers to confirm, but 1968 Topps has a lot. All-Time greats at the ends/beginning of their careers like Mantle, Maris (I know, not a HOF), Ryan and Bench.


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Jan 11, 2013
Goin out on a limb and thinking 83 topps, donruss fleer have a possibly big class?

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