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Night Crew - April's Fools


Active member
Sep 24, 2016
Mystic, CT
Slow nights lately. The prices on 2019 bowman autos are friggen nuts. Prospecting is out of control. I wanted to pick up a Brock Deatherage auto simply because it's the coolest name in the world, it's nuts, this guys probably a 4th outfielder at best, anything with color is $50 easy. I know it's a new product and will drop in price later but still. I feel the need to point out wander Franco and Joey Bart are not in the hall of fame and dropping anything with a comma in the price is likely a fools investment.


New member
Jun 22, 2015
Vancouver WA
Rick Rizz is the F'in man. Dude is opening 30 year old packs of cards right now and got dared to eat the gum.. .. . and he actually did. :)


Active member
Mar 22, 2015
Lafayette, Colorado
I doubt anyone was wondering what I do for fun over here in Maiduguri, but in case you were, this is it:

lizard 27 small.jpg

Agama lizards. These little guys run around and do their little lizard things, providing endless entertainment for me. Occasionally I'll catch one just for fun.

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