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Recent slab pickups / grading


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Aug 14, 2008
Below is a bunch of the base and parallel items form the 2004 DLP PLAYERS COLLECTION multi-product series
I am sure I have more buried that need slabbing just have no idea where stuff is its why I am working hard on this inventory. Its actually the first full inventory of slabs plus items I've done since I moved to Vegas nearly 15 years ago
Done partial slab reviews but never raw plus slabs so this one's a chore

The 2004 DLP Players Collection Jersey was a 100-card GU jersey set that was released in four DLP products- 2004 Leaf, Playoff Honors, Playoff Prestige, and Studio

As usual props to baseballcardpedia for keeping info up baseballcardpedia.com/index.php/2004_Donruss-Playoff_Players_Collection_Jersey

Makes me want to dig up my 2004 DLP unopened boxes and see if I can flash out some more needs :)
Maybe a few box breaks !!

First up is 2004 LEAF. This series is simple- your going to have a Green Version or a Platinum version of both Home & Away jerseys. I have the Green PC80 somewhere. If someone has any base Green stuff see me I do buy dupes of the base Leaf items. As you can see I kept my own pack issued stuff in good condition Mint 9 or better is difficult unless one does it themselves. There were just 4 items to worry about in this set= so I'm done with this set as I know I have the PC80 Green somewhere
As you can see the PC81 Platinum is mislabeled meant to get that fixed- will do so ASAP


Next up is 2004 PLAYOFF HONORS versions.
This one gets tricky. There are FIVE total items you could find for the Player Collection Jerseys

Blue (# to 250 copies)
Blue Number (# to 250 copies)
Platinum Number (# to 50 copies)
Platinum (# to 25 copies)
Gold (# to 10 copies)

I literally have zero clue where I stand here. Have not looked at my raw stuff in years on this one or some graded stuff either. Will have to spend time in 2021 looking up what I have and what I may still need. Its now on my 2021 "hobby" list of stuff to do

These two were in the box- the next 2 Blues I know are slabbed just need rescanned - and the balance ???? will need to check it out. The Golds are incredibly difficult to locate if you've ever tried getting your player.

These two below I know I have buried just need to locate them along with all my raw stuff

I'll get to the Prestige and Studio when I can :)


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Aug 14, 2008
OK finished the 2004 Player Collection for the Prestige and Studio brands that were here in this box I am doing now.
Something tells me most of my PC80 cards are together somewhere- just a guess since most of the PC81 seem to be here together. Just a few of the PC80 are in this box so they gotta be somewhere else of course :(
Again no idea where I stand on either set I haven't seen my box of game used since I moved 2 years ago.

Oh and I found another 1988 Topps Cloth in the box-so I moved it over to the other box that had the Topps Cloth items



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Aug 14, 2008
Next up is the 2007 TOPPS STERLING Clemens slabs in this box. This series was very expensive ( think boxes were $200+)
If ever a series drove me to just avoid opening- this one was it. The cost vs ROI was HORRIBLE unless it was a) your guy or b) a MAJOR player. Combine that with a plethora of dealers who broke rules and peeked at boxes ( opened seals then claimed to customers thats how it came).

These boxes came sealed in plastic- if it's missing plastic then it's not "unopened" and therefore be wary of that dealer it has been cherry picked. Most times I'd just avoid buying boxes altogether. I avoided them when they came out anyways as I was still working on 2006 UD Epic back then. Think its been 5-8 years since I added to my Sterling Clemens as I really have not bought much Clemens at all the last few years . Been concentrating on other stuff ( and players)

Trusty baseballcardpedia has some great info on the set as always baseballcardpedia.com/index.php/2007_Topps_Sterling

First up will be his Base items in this box-- not sure where #117 is currently :( but 7 of the 8 base cards are shown
These cards you can buy from $3-10 depending on who is selling. Got most of mine for $5-10 delivered each


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