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2007 Upper Deck Masterpiece Color Guide?!?

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Aug 7, 2008
Tampa, FL
So I know we have brought this up many times over the years, as my search brought it up in posts dating back to 2010, but can’t seem to find if we really got anywhere on it.

Did anybody ever create a guide to identifying all the color parallels for 2007 Upper Deck Masterpiece? They are impossible to identify because of the way Upper Deck did it.

For example, there is a Green Linen and a Windsor Green parallels but instead of serial # they are both un-numbered. Another example is the is a Steel Blue and a Hades, both shades of Blue and #/50.

Very very confusing- tried a google search and only came up with complaints about trying to identify them as well.

Anybody ever call Upper Deck about these? Am I missing a guide that is somewhere? Anybody out together one of their own?


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