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2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Hobby Box break

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Greg Cleveland

Well-known member
Aug 9, 2008
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
Fairly excited for this product, even though I think Topps has used the '52 set design waaaaay too much for many products. Still, it is a classic, and seeing it in Chrome is pretty cool. I love the mix of new and older greats as well.


Refractors: Snell, G. Marquez, Kluber, T. Davidson, Blackmon, LeMahieu. (Two Rockies and two Yankees. Blech!)
X-Fractor: Mookie Betts
Aqua Wave refractor: David Fletcher
Gold/Rose 70th Wave: Al Lopez #03/50 :rolleyes:
Black/Red 70th Mini Diamonds: Joey Gerber #1/5 🤩

52 a.jpg

Autograph: Justin Morneau

52 b.jpg

I like the auto, but I can see where anyone who is not a Twins fan would be disappointed. The auto checklist is a real batch of hits and misses, so this is a hit for me, but there are a lot of bigger hits out there. Nice to get a red #/5--beautiful card--but I am not familiar with Joey Gerber. (Minnesota kid, so won't be hard to check around.)

The most disappointing thing is the condition of the singles. A lot--A LOT--of cards are off-cut. Got some nice singles of the greats, terrible centering. The refractors are mostly good, but not all have perfect centering.

52 c.jpg

I need to sort them and see how many are poorly cut. Good luck to the rest of you breaking!

George K

Well-known member
Aug 7, 2008
New Jersey
It's too bad they didn't include any of the living players from the original 1952 set on the autograph list. Nice break.

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