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Griffey Collector's Thread - Part Two..


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Aug 7, 2008
I'm guessing he had 1/10 and wiped the zero off.
Right above the 1/1 numbering there is like a warp bulge
So maybe it's from getting wet?
Seller looks to be a big griffe y Collector, wonder if he bought it that way?
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Well-known member
Aug 7, 2008
New York
That one card is worth more than my entire O'Neill collection. Prices are unreal! o_O

Magic, it must be fun to see what these cards are fetching.


Sep 23, 2015
San Francisco
It's crazy to me that a card with 100 copies out there went for nearly $2k. I was definitely following this card and have needed the gold to complete my rainbow for quite awhile.... I was involved in the bidding until it hit about $600 hahaha 😂

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