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Griffey Collector's Thread - Part Two..


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Sep 17, 2008
Owensboro, KY
Need some help from the Griffey experts... Just acquired this card below. I know they are fairly rare as I have not seen any on Ebay of COMC. Can anybody tell me possible value?

2008 Topps Back to School #TB4 Ken Griffey Jr.

These are tough to find. I have 3 Pujols and he is valued around $25 to $30. Griffey should be at least that if not more. Here is some info:
These eight cards were distributed in specially-marked back-to-school retail packages produced by Fairfield which were sold at Target. Two of these cards were packaged with two packs of Series One and two packs of Series Two for $7.99.
  • TB1 Miguel Cabrera
  • TB2 Albert Pujols
  • TB3 Grady Sizemore
  • TB4 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • TB5 David Wright
  • TB6 Ichiro
  • TB7 Alex Rodriguez
  • TB8 Chipper Jones


New member
Apr 30, 2011
Anyone willing to part with their APOH Bat Auto /25 of Griffey?

Willing to pay $10k.

Let me know. Need for my PC. Will share photos of your baby with you if you sell him.

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