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October - New Arrivals Thread


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Got back from vacation a week ago and finally worked up the energy to scan my favorite cards that arrived while I was gone. First the stuff directly from Topps:

Interesting that they've started to use a different size one-touch for the Project 2020 cards. When did they start randomly shipping parallels (other than a 1/1) for the Topps Now cards? I mean it's nice to get the numbered version but now I'm going to have to try not to be anal and go after the "base" versions of these. Depending on how many different parallels there are, the base versions could end up being really rare for some lower print run cards.

Some '90s insert goodness. Only need one more '98 Giambi Legacy and I'm slowly working my way towards a '99 BC Gold Refractor team set. I believe that's only the second A's '99 Precious Metal Gem I've picked up, though. And hey, pretty cool to have 0001/1999 for a '97 Totally Certified Blue, even if it is Scott Spiezio.

I love the 2004 Heritage Black Refractor Zito. The Kouzmanoff is one of the EXT minis. And it's interesting to buy a triple HOF GU card, but only because the fourth guy on the card is Mark Mulder.

My first Ginter stained glass card, I wish they didn't sell for so much. After receiving that Puk I'm one away from finishing the 2020 Finest Flashbacks Refractor team set: Matt Chapman eludes me.

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