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Dilferules's 1988-present Oakland A's autograph thread


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

Thirty new A's in 2016!

alcantaraarismendy13bcrefauto.jpgArismendy Alcantara - Picked up midseason but only made it into 16 games and was waived at the end of the year.

alcantararaul14bsterlblueauto.jpgRaul Alcantara - In the A's system for 7 years, only made it into 13 MLB games over 2 seasons and pitched poorly. Has played in Korea and Japan the last few years.

alonsoyonder11bcauto.jpgYonder Alonso - Played 2 years with the A's, was crappy in the first and decent in the second before being traded to the Mariners to make room for Matt Olson.

axfordjohn13ttribwbcauto.jpgJohn Axford - Spent one and a half poor seasons in the A's bullpen before being released.

coghlanchris07bcauto.jpgChris Coghlan - Downright horrid in 51 A's games.

cottonjharel17bcorangeauto.jpgJharel Cotton - I thought he'd be good and have tons of his cards. He was great in a 5 game tryout in 2016 before sucking in 2017. Hasn't pitched in the majors since due to injuries and ineffectiveness, currently in AAA for the Rangers.

daviskhris19tpsauto.jpgKhris Davis - The model of consistency, hit exactly .247 in 4 consecutive seasons somehow. Hit 40+ homers a season his first 3 years in Oakland then fell off a cliff and was traded to the Rangers for Elvis Andrus this past offseason. Released by Texas a couple of weeks ago.

detwilerross07bcrefauto.jpgRoss Detwiler - Pitched a very forgettable 9 games for the A's.

eibnerbrett16ntjsyauto.jpgBrett Eibner - Hit .165 in 44 games. Currently in the Marlins organization.

healyryon14bcgoldauto.jpgRyon Healy - The only A's Gold Refractor auto I've ever pulled from a pack. Third baseman was good in his first season and mediocre in his second before losing his job to Matt Chapman. Currently playing in Korea.

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2016 (continued)

hendriksliam10bcauto.jpgLiam Hendriks - Spent 5 seasons in the A's bullpen and was dominant in the last 2. Currently leading the AL in saves with the White Sox.

hillrich06tttjsyauto.jpgRich Hill - Was fantastic in a half season with the A's before being traded to the Dodgers.

lamboandrew08bcauto.jpgAndrew Lambo - Former top prospect played his final MLB game for the A's.

madsonryan01bowauto.jpgRyan Madson - Was good in a season and a half with the A's before being dealt with Sean Doolittle to the Nats in the trade that brought in Blake Treinen and Jesus Luzardo.

manaeasean19ttierauto10.jpgSean Manaea - Solid starter in Oakland for the past 6 seasons, tossed a no-hitter in 2018. He changed his signature to add his jersey number 55 and it now unfortunately (or fortunately) looks like "S Ass".

maxwellbruce17tcgoldauto.jpgBruce Maxwell - Was looking like a solid MLB backup catcher. The first MLB player to kneel during the national anthem, it seems like he maybe wasn't the right guy to do that mentally as there were multiple odd instances afterwards including pulling a gun on a (female) delivery driver. He hasn't been the same since and after getting cut from the A's in 2019 he played in Mexico, and has been in the Mets and Giants systems this year.

mcbridematt07bsterlauto.jpgMatt McBride - Played his final 20 MLB games for the A's, hitting .209.

mengdendaniel19t84auto.jpgDaniel Mengden - Brought back the Rollie Fingers mustache as a sometimes starter for 5 seasons in Oakland, he was okay at times. Having similar success in Korea this season.

nealzach10eliteauto.jpgZach Neal - Pitched 30 games over two seasons including 6 starts. Not bad in his first season. Has pitched in Japan the last 3 years.

nunezrenato17tcgoldauto.jpgRenato Nunez - Seemingly was in the A's organization forever, 2011-2017, but only made it into 17 MLB games during that span. Has some power (31 HR for Baltimore in 2019) but nothing else. Currently in the Tigers organization.

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2016 (concluded)

olsonmatt13bcrefauto.jpgMatt Olson - His power can be up and down but he's been a very valuable player the last six years. Currently having a great season, hitting .302 with 20 homers. Has won two gold gloves.

overtondillon14bcgoldauto.jpgDillon Overton - Pitched 7 games for the 2016 team with an 11.47 ERA. Played for the Padres and Mariners the following season but hasn't been back to the bigs since. Last played professionally in 2019.

pinderchad15bcblueauto.jpgChad Pinder - Versatile player has been useful for 6 seasons.

rzepczynskimark12prizmauto.jpgMark R...zep...czynski? - Think I got that right. He was good in most of a season before being dealt to the Nats.

schusterpatrick10bcauto.jpgPatrick Schuster - Relieved 5 games with a 10.80 ERA.

surkamperic12tcrefauto.jpgEric Surkamp - Filled in for 9 starts with a 6.98 ERA in his last major league action.

triggsandrew15bowauto.jpgAndrew Triggs - Inconsistent in three oft-injured seasons as a starter and reliever.

wendlejoey15bcgreenauto.jpgJoey Wendle - Mr. Wendle was picked up from the Indians for Brandon Moss and never got much of a chance in Oakland. Got dealt to the Rays and has been pretty good there.

Chris Smith - Pitched 27 games over 2 seasons with the A's, including 9 starts. Looks like he has a couple of Red Sox certified autos from UD products in 2008, I'll have to grab one.
JB Wendelken - Still with the team, he's usually a good reliever when he's not injured. Has no certified autos but has appeared in 2012 Bowman Draft with the Red Sox and 2019 and 2020 Topps Total with the A's.

28/30 for 2016, not too shabby. 445/596 1988-2016.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

21 new A's in 2017

barretofranklin17tcblueauto.jpgFranklin Barreto - Perennial prospect came over in the Josh Donaldson deal but could never play worth a damn in the majors with Oakland. Has has an unreasonably large number of cards made for such a dud player. Mercifully traded to the Angels in 2020 for Tommy La Stella. Still only 25 years old.

blackburnpaul18tcgoldauto.jpgPaul Blackburn - Depth player started 18 games for the A's 2017-2020. ERA gets worse every year after a decent 2017. Still in the A's system, maybe he'll get another start this year.

castrosimon10bcrefauto.jpgSimon Castro - Pitched a mediocre final 28 games of his career for Oakland.

chapmanmatt14bcrefauto.jpgMatt Chapman - The A's biggest star the past 5 seasons, currently having a down year after a monster 2018-19 stretch where he won 2 gold gloves and finished top 10 in MVP voting both seasons.

deckerjaff10bcauto.jpgJaff Decker - Dude's name is Jaff, I can't add anything to that.

gossettdaniel17bcgoldauto.jpgDaniel Gossett - Started 23 games over 2 seasons with a 5.91 ERA. Currently in the Red Sox system.

joycematt08udtimeauto.jpgMatt Joyce - Outfielder had an .808 OPS for the 2017 team but fell off in 2019. Hitting a cool .100 for the Phillies this year.

lavarnwayryan10bsterlauto.jpgRyan Lavarnway - Filled in for 6 games at catcher.

mollsam14bowauto.jpgSam Moll - 11 games with a 10.80 ERA has been his only big league action so far. Not doing too well in the D-Backs system this year.

montasfrankie19tlegauto.jpgFrankie Montas - Had a great year in 2019 but was busted for PEDs and hasn't been the same since...guess that makes sense, doesn't it?

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2017 (continued)

plouffetrevor04eliteauto.jpgTrevor Plouffe - Hit .214 in 58 Oakland games before he was shipped to Tampa.

powellboog18t83goldauto.jpgBoog Powell - Not that Boog Powell. Managed to hit .321 in 29 games but only appeared in 7 games in 2018 and hasn't been seen in the MLB since. Playing independent league ball now.

treinenblake18t83goldauto.jpgBlake Treinen - Had an all time great relief season in 2018 but followed it up with a dud 2019 and signed with the Dodgers, where he seems to have done okay.

valdezcesar10tcauto.jpgCesar Valdez - Pitched poorly in 4 games.

wahlbobby15bcgoldauto.jpgBobby Wahl - Pitched 7 games for the A's then was traded to the Mets. Still hasn't broken through, currently in the Brewers system.

Michael Brady - 16 games for the A's was it for his career. Has a Marlins card in 2012 Bowman but no autos.
Jaycob Brugman - Did so-so in 48 games but hasn't made it back to the majors. Currently in the Braves organization. Was in 2015 Bowman and 2017 Topps Update but has no certified autos.
Dustin Garneau - 19 games with the 2017 A's then returned in 2019 for 7 more. Managed to get an A's card in 2019 Topps Total. No certified autos.
Chris Hatcher - Pitched 57 games with the A's over 2 seasons. Only MLB card is with the Dodgers in 2017 Topps.
Ryan LaMarre - Went 0 for 7 in 3 games. Has an auto in 2010 Elite Extra Edition, I'll have to grab it.
Josh A. Smith - Mediocre in 26 relief appearances. Not the same Josh Smith who has had numerous autos in 2019-20 prospect sets, obviously. No certified autos.

So that's 15/21 for 2017, 460/617 overall 1988-2017. Only three and a half seasons to go!


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

22 new A's in 2018.

familiajeurys10bcauto.jpgJeurys Familia - Picked up for the stretch and pitched 30 good games for the A's. Then he went back to the Mets.

fiersmike13ttierauto.jpgMike Fiers - Certainly an all-time Astros fan favorite, has been okay for the A's when not injured the past three and a half years. Did throw a no-hitter in 2019.

fowlerdustin18therredauto.jpgDustin Fowler - Picked up from the Yankees in the Sonny Gray trade, seemingly has never recovered (whether physically or mentally) from his injury in his debut Yankees game. Ineffective in 69 2018 games and didn't see major league action the next two seasons before being sent to the Pirates for cash.

jacksonedwin04sweetauto.jpgEdwin Jackson - Made his obligatory A's stop in 2018, starting 17 good games. His only A's cards were in Topps Now and a tough 2019 Opening Day insert.

kiekheferdean14eliteauto.jpgDean Kiekhefer - Cheese it, it's the Dean! Gave up 4 runs in 2 innings.

laureanoramon20tnoworangeauto.jpgRamon Laureano - Solid and sometimes spectacular center fielder the last 4 years. Absolutely robbed from the Astros when they just didn't have room for him on the roster because they were so loaded.

lucroyjonathan18opticauto1.jpgJonathan Lucroy - Didn't have a very good season in his lone year as the A's starting catcher.

martininick19t84goldauto.jpgNick Martini - .811 OPS in 55 games in 2018 but he hasn't been able to replicate that success.

petityusmeiro06t52auto.jpgYusmerio Petit - Great durable reliever the last 4 seasons for the A's.

piscottystephen18tttjsyauto.jpgStephen Piscotty - Was good in his first season but hasn't done very well the last few years.

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2018 (continued)

rodneyfernando19prizmauto.jpgFernando Rodney - Mediocre in half of 2018 then absolutely terrible to start 2019 before being cut loose. Kind of surprisingly got an A's auto in 2019 Prizm.

taylorbeau13bplatauto10.jpgBeau Taylor - Drafted in 2011 and finally broke into the majors in 2018. Played 17 games for the A's over 3 years. Currently in the Reds organization.

trivinolou14tdebutauto.jpgLou Trivino - Reliever had an excellent rookie season and has been good this year, but was inconsistent in between. 2014 Topps Pro Debut is his lone certified auto.

Jeremy Bleich - 2 games with Oakland in 2018 were his lone majors action. No MLB cards but does have autos in old USA and Razor sets, not sure why I don't have one.
Ryan Buchter - Has a 2017 Topps Padres card and is in 2019 Topps Total with the A's, but no certified autos for him.
Wilmer Font - Terrible in 4 relief appearances. Has several MLB cards but no autos.
Cory Gearrin - 6 games pitched with the A's. Has several MLB cards but no autos.
Shawn Kelley - Good reliever in 19 games down the stretch. Many MLB cards but nothing with the A's and no autos.
Josh Lucas - 8 games with the A's. His only cards are in minor league team sets.
Emilio Pagan - Mediocre reliever for one season, currently on the Padres. Has been in several sets but never got an A's card and has no autos.
Carlos Ramirez - Pitched the last 3 games of his short career for the A's. Has a couple of Blue Jays cards from 2018. No autos.
Trayce Thompson* - Have an auto in my long delayed COMC shipment. Any day now! (sure)

A disappointing 13/22 in 2018 and 473/639 overall 1988-2018.
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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

20 new A's in 2019

baileyhomer04eliteauto.jpgHomer Bailey - Picked up midseason and was okay in 13 starts. Annoyingly did not get a single A's card.

boltskye19t84auto.jpgSkye Bolt - Has a cool name but hasn't been impressive so far in the majors.

brownseth20tttjsyauto.jpgSeth Brown - Outfielder/first baseman can hit a little, this season he has 9 homers in 147 at bats but his BA is only .190.

grossmanrobbie09bcauto.jpgRobbie Grossman - Was mediocre for the A's in 2019 but pretty good in 2020. Currently on the Tigers.

josephcorban10bcauto.jpgCarban Joseph - Played in the majors with three different teams in 2019 but didn't crack .200 with any of them. Currently in the minors with the Nats.

luzardojesus20tcblueauto.jpgJesus Luzardo - Was okay in 2020, placing top 10 in ROY voting, but has stunk it up this year. Still only 23.

moraleskendys06bcauto.jpgKendrys Morales - Hit .204 with 1 homer in 108 at bats, but didn't allow any home runs in 1 inning pitched.

murphysean18bcauto.jpgSean Murphy - A's longtime catcher of the future doesn't hit for average but keeps his OPS around .800. 4th in 2020 ROY voting and has 1.8 WAR so far this season.

neusesheldon18bcgreenauto.jpgSheldon Neuse - Very meh in 25 2019 games, he didn't make it back to the majors in 2020 and is currently in the minors with the Dodgers after being even worse than meh there this season.

profarjurickson11bcauto.jpgJurickson Profar - Former top prospect wasn't playing up to his potential in Texas, and did the same in one season for Oakland before being shipped to San Diego.

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2019 (continued)

pukaj20bcblueauto.jpgAJ Puk - Has lots of potential but can't seem to stay healthy. Has been dreadful in the minors this season.

roarktanner14ntjsyauto.jpgTanner Roark - Picked up midseason and ate 10 mediocre starts for the A's. Annoyingly had zero A's cards produced.

soriajoakim07exqauto.jpgJoakim Soria - Signed a two year deal and was mediocre in the first but pretty good in the second.

Tanner Anderson - Made 5 crappy starts for the A's. He seems to only have minor league team set cards. A Harvard man.
Jake Diekman - Has spent 3 seasons in the A's bullpen, and was great in 2020. Has a single certified auto in 2012 Topps, I'll have to track it down.
Marco Estrada - Absolute hot garbage with the A's in 5 starts, and got 4 million bucks to do it. Doesn't seem to have any certified autos despite a 12 year career that included an all-star selection.
Chris Herrmann - Hit .202 as the A's backup catcher for 30 games and hasn't been back to the majors since. Has an auto in 2013 Select with the Twins.
Nick Hundley - Another backup catcher with very similar results as Herrmann. Has no certified autos but did get a couple of A's cards.
Brian Schlitter - Was okay in 6 relief appearances. No autos, is pictured as a Cub on his lone MLB card in 2015 Topps.
Wei-Chung Wang - Was okay in 20 relief appearances. Has several autos in Panini products that sell for more than I like. Did make it into 2019 Topps Total as an Athletic.

13/20 for 2019, 486/659 overall 1988-2019. My completion percentage for 2020-21 is going to be awful because many of them will still be at COMC.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

13 new A's in 2020.

allenaustin18bcauto.jpgAustin Allen - Poor performance in limited playing time, hasn't been able to hold onto the backup catcher job.

jefferiesdaulton16bcgreenauto.jpgDaulton Jefferies - Lower tier prospect could end up being a back-end starter or a depth arm. Gave up 5 runs in 2 innings in his lone MLB start so far.

kaprielianjames18bplatdcauto.jpgJames Kaprielian - The last chance to salvage something out of the Sonny Gray trade with the Yankees, he has done very well this season with a 2.86 ERA in 8 starts.

Jonah Heim - Backup catcher was dealt to Texas, where he's getting a little more playing time. It looked like he wasn't going to get any A's cards until a couple of A's autos surprisingly showed up in 2021 Series 2 and Stadium Club.
Tony Kemp - I swear I bought a Kemp auto last year, but I can't find it. Lame!
Jake Lamb* - I've got one in my COMC shipment. Got an A's card in Series 2 so that's nice.
Tommy La Stella* - I have one in my COMC shipment.
Vimael Machin - Rule 5 infielder has been terrible in the bigs but management seems to like him. His only cards so far are in minor league team sets.
TJ McFarland* - Veteran was mediocre in the bullpen, currently in the minors with the Nats. Have one in my COMC shipment.
Mike Minor* - Mediocre in 4 starts after being picked up midseason. Have one in my COMC shipment.
Nate Orf - Got into 6 games. No autos, and his only big league cards are with the Brewers - a Topps Now card and a dual player RC in '19 Heritage.
Burch Smith* - Still in the A's bullpen. I have one in my COMC shipment.
Jordan Weems - Was pretty good last year but not so far in limited time this year. No autos, just got his first MLB card in Series 2.

So only 3/13 for 2021 but I'll add another 5 when my December COMC shipment finally arrives. 489/672 1988-2020.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA

12 new A's in 2021 as of 6/25/21.

andruselvis09tcauto.jpgElvis Andrus - Started out the year putrid but has gotten better in the last month or so. Overall numbers are still crap.

Domingo Acevedo* - Has appeared in 1 game so far. Have one at COMC.
Luis Barrera - No autos yet for him and his only MLB card is a triple player insert in 2021 Bowman.
Cam Bedrosian* - Doing well after being picked up part way through the season. Have one at COMC.
Aramis Garcia* - Current backup catcher is pretty stinky so far. Have one at COMC.
Reymin Guduan - No autos, only MLB card is a dual player RC in '17 Update.
Deolis Guerra* - Has been solid in the bullpen. Have one at COMC.
Cole Irvin* - Has done shockingly well as a starter this year. Have one at COMC.
Adam Kolarek* - Crapola this year. Have one at COMC.
Mitch Moreland - He's got tons of certified autographs, haven't happened to pick one up yet.
Sergio Romo - Doesn't have a lot of autos and they sell okay since he was on 3 championship Giants teams.
Ka'ai Tom - No auto cards. Was in '15 Bowman Draft with the Indians.

A sad 1/12 for 2021 so far, but I do have 6 at COMC so I own them, they just aren't in hand. I wish more eBay sellers would use the standard envelope shipping so I could buy some more of the low end stuff on there.

Alright, so up to date in total for 1988-2021 I have autographs of 490 out of 684 Oakland A's. I've also got some new additions that I will add this weekend, then I will try to bring the entire wantlist together in one post for easy reference.

I thought I'd be a little closer, but it'll be a fun long term project to slowly chip away at the numbers.


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Sep 24, 2016
Mystic, CT
Really cool thread, loving seeing some of these names, those fringe guys you forget about over time. Fun fact, Jesse Hahn and Matt Harvey were on the same high school team, I live in the town, didn't go to the school, or grow up here though. Even though both of those guys haven't had the careers they seemed destined for at that point can you imagine trying to get your small high school team in the corner of a meh baseball state try to get ready for a weekend series against two future major leaguers!?
Must have been a lower level example of Arenado/Chapman's team....those two guys on the same team!?!?


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Really cool thread, loving seeing some of these names, those fringe guys you forget about over time. Fun fact, Jesse Hahn and Matt Harvey were on the same high school team, I live in the town, didn't go to the school, or grow up here though. Even though both of those guys haven't had the careers they seemed destined for at that point can you imagine trying to get your small high school team in the corner of a meh baseball state try to get ready for a weekend series against two future major leaguers!?
Must have been a lower level example of Arenado/Chapman's team....those two guys on the same team!?!?

Thanks! Yeah there were probably 30-40 guys where I had no memory of them...and some of those were guys I actually already had autographs for, haha. I didn't know about Hahn and Harvey being on the same HS team, that's wild...Harvey was almost an Athletic, he pitched 5 games for the A's AAA team in 2019 but didn't get called up. That was long after Hahn was gone though, so no near-reunion.

Some new additions (part 1 of 2):

armasmarcos.jpgMarcos Armas - Not as successful as his brother Tony or nephew Tony, played 15 games in 1993 and that was it. Slightly blocked at first base on the early '90s A's.

billingsbruce.jpgBruce Billings - Pitched 5 MLB games, 3 of them with the 2011 A's.

clarkdoug.jpgDoug Clark - Played 14 games for the Giants and A's over 2 years, lone MLB hit was for the 2006 A's.

colangelomike.jpgMike Colangelo - Played the final 20 games of his short career for the 2002 A's and hit .174. Does have an A's card in 2002 UD 40-Man.

furmaniakjj.jpgJJ Furmaniak - Oddly named guy played 16 of his 29 MLB games with the 2007 A's.

germanesteban.jpgEsteban German - Despite the name, is actually Dominican. Utility infielder played 45 games with the A's 2002-04. Went on to appear in 10 MLB seasons and was actually pretty good on the 2006-07 Royals.

godfreygraham.jpgGraham Godfrey - Was okay in 4 2011 starts but not in 4 2012 starts and that was it for him.

halamajohn.jpgJohn Halama - Fill-in swingman type ate 108 innings with an average ERA for the 2003 A's.

mcdonaldjason.jpgJason McDonald - 4th outfielder played three seasons for the A's 1997-99 but hit worse each year.

menechinofrank.jpgFrank Menechino - Fan favorite utility infielder 1999-2004. Was actually the starting second baseman in 2001 and put up 3.3 WAR.

Continued in next post.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
(part 2 of 2)

reckeranthony.jpgAnthony Recker - Catcher couldn't break through with the A's 2011-12. Was later the Mets backup catcher for 3 seasons.

schaeferjeff.jpgJeff Schaefer - Played his final 6 MLB games for the 1994 team.

sparkssteve96leafsige.jpgSteve Sparks - Pitched 9 games in relief for the 2003 A's. The last knuckleballer I can remember appearing for the team.

vogtstephen.jpgStephen Vogt - Made two all-star teams during his 2013-17 run with the A's. Surprisingly has zero certified autos.

voigtjack.jpgJack Voigt - Finished his career with 57 terrible games for the 1998 A's. Does have a 1998 Pacific Online A's card so an upgrade is possible.

I picked up the following at a card show yesterday:

clarkjermaine00royalauto.jpgJermaine Clark - Played 4 games for the 2005 A's. I already had an auto at COMC but now I have one in hand without waiting a few centuries.

lastellatommy20t85auto.jpgTommy La Stella - A good midseason pickup for the 2020 A's. I have a Bowman Sterling auto incoming from COMC but this one was on-card plus it has an A's cameo.

smithchris08udtimeauto.jpgChris Smith - Pitched 27 games with the 2016-17 A's. Nice find for my collection in the dollar bin.

woodjason07artifactsauto.jpgJason Wood - Long time prospect played his first 3 games for the 1998 A's. I had a different card at COMC but I'll take this one in hand for a buck.

And I don't consider these that I picked up in the dollar bin to be "upgrades" technically so they won't each get their own picture:
Aaron Harang - Already had an A's TTM card but this was a nice certified addition for a buck.
Todd Walker - Already had a better MLB certified auto card but I liked the looks of the signature on this SR card.
Eric Patterson - Hey an on-card refractor auto is better than the 2004 Elite sticker autograph I already had.

19 additions gets me up to 509/684, broke the 500 barrier! I'll see if I can work today on putting together the full wantlist that I and others can use for reference.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Okay I put everything into a spreadsheet and it looks like my running count got off by one at some point, I'm actually 510/685 as of 6/26/2021. Here's the autographs I don't have, I'll keep this post updated as new stuff comes in or new players debut. I've noted where I actually own the card but it's at COMC and not yet in hand so it's not counted in my totals.

Abad, Fernando 2014
Acevedo, Domingo 2021 *COMC
Anderson, Tanner 2019
Appier, Kevin 1999 *COMC
Arndt, Larry 1989
Baker, Scott 1995
Bankston, Wes 2008

Barrera, Luis 2021
Bassitt, Chris 2015
Batista, Tony 1996
Becker, Rich 1999

Bedrosian, Cam 2021 *COMC
Belitz, Todd 2000 *COMC
Bitker, Joe 1990
Bleich, Jeremy 2018
Bowers, Cedrick 2010
Brady, Michael 2017
Brewer, Billy 1997
Brito, Tilson 1997
Brugman, Jaycob 2017

Buchter, Ryan 2018
Cabrera, Orlando 2009
Carson, Matt 2009
Carter, Chris 2010

Casilla, Santiago 2004
Castillo, Alberto 2005
Castro, Angel 2015
Castro, Ramon 2004 (infielder)
Chafin, Andrew 2021
Connelly, Steve 1998
Conrad, Brooks 2008

Coulombe, Daniel 2015
Cramer, Bobby 2010
Cruz, Fausto 1994
Diekman, Jake 2019
Estrada, Marco 2019
Eveland, Dana 2008
Fasano, Sal 2000 *COMC
Fermin, Ramon 1995
Figueroa, Pedro 2012
Flores, Jose 2002
Font, Wilmer 2018
Foulke, Keith 2003
Fox, Jake 2010
Freiman, Nate 2013

Fyhrie, Mike 2001
Gant, Ron 2001
Garcia, Aramis 2021 *COMC
Garciaparra, Nomar 2009
Garneau, Dustin 2017
Garrison, Webster 1996

Gearrin, Cory 2018
Gentry, Craig 2014
Giese, Dan 2009
Gomes, Yan 2021

Gonzalez, Edgar 2009
Gray, Jeff 2008
Guduan, Reymin 2021
Guerra, Deolis 2021 *COMC
Guzman, Johnny 1991
Hannahan, Jack 2007
Harikkala, Tim 2005
Harkey, Mike 1995
Harrison, Josh 2021

Hatcher, Chris 2017
Haught, Gary 1997
Heim, Jonah 2020
Helfand, Eric 1993
Herrmann, Chris 2019
Hiljus, Erik 2001
Holtz, Mike 2002
Howard, Steve 1990
Hundley, Nick 2019
Irvin, Cole 2021 *COMC
Jarvis, Kevin 1999
Jimenez, Miguel 1993

Johns, Doug 1995
Johnson, Dane 1997
Johnstone, John 1997
Jones, Marcus 2000
Jose, Felix 1988
Karros, Eric 2004
Keisler, Randy 2006
Kelley, Shawn 2018
Kemp, Tony 2020
Kilby, Brad 2009

Klink, Joe 1990
Kolarek, Adam 2021 *COMC
Kubinski, Tim 1997
Ladendorf, Tyler 2015
LaMarre, Ryan 2017
Lamb, Jake 2020
Langerhans, Ryan 2007
Laxton, Brett 1999

Leiper, Dave 1994
Lennon, Pat 1997
Leon, Arnold 2015
Lesher, Brian 1996
Lewis, Colby 2007
Lewis, Richie 1997

Lidle, Cory 2001
Lorraine, Andrew 1997 *COMC
Lucas, Josh 2018
Macfarlane, Mike 1998
Machin, Vimael 2020
Mahay, Ron 1999
Marte, Starling 2021
Martin, Cody 2015
Mashore, Damon 1996
Matos, Francisco 1994
Matsui, Hideki 2011
Mayne, Brent 1997
McCarty, Dave 2003
McFarland, TJ 2020

McMichael, Greg 1999 *COMC
McMillon, Billy 2001
Mercado, Orlando 1988
Miller, Damian 2004
Miller, Jai 2011
Minor, Mike 2020
Moreland, Mitch 2021

Moscoso, Guillermo 2011
Munoz, Pedro 1996
Murphy, Donnie 2007
Norberto, Jordan 2011
O'Flaherty, Eric 2014

Orf, Nate 2020
Pagan, Emilio 2018
Phoenix, Steve 1994
Porter, Bo 2000
Pridie, Jason 2015

Punto, Nick 2014
Raczka, Mike 1992
Ramirez, Carlos 2018
Roberts, Bip 1998
Rodriguez, Fernando 2014
Rogers, Kenny 1998
Romo, Sergio 2021
Roney, Matt 2006

Rose, Mike 2004
Ryan, Rob 2001
Saenz, Olmedo 1999
Santangelo, FP 2001
Sauerbeck, Scott 2006

Sauveur, Rich 2000
Schlitter, Brian 2019
Schwindel, Frank 2021
Scott, Dick 1989
Scribner, Evan 2012
Service, Scott 2000

Shaver, Jeff 1988
Smith, Burch 2020
Smith, Chad 2015
Smith, Josh A. 2017
Smithberg, Roger 1993
Sprague, Ed 1998
Stein, Blake 1998

Stottlemyre, Todd 1995
Tam, Jeff 2000
Taylor, Billy 1994
Telgheder, Dave 1996
Thompson, Kevin 2007
Thompson, Trayce 2018

Tom, Ka'ai 2021
Tomberlin, Andy 1995
Valdez, Mario 2000 *COMC
Velandia, Jorge 1998
Venafro, Mike 2002
Vizcaino, Luis 1999
Vosberg, Ed 1994 *COMC
Wagner, Neil 2011
Walton, Bruce 1991
Wang, Wei-Chung 2019

Watson, Matt 2005
Weems, Jordan 2020
Wendelken, JB 2016
Wilson, Jacob 2021

Witasick, Jay 1996 *COMC
Witmeyer, Ron 1991
Wolf, Ross 2010
Ziegler, Brad 2008

CURRENT PROGRESS: 605/691, last updated 9/18/2021.

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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
Yeah Recker was a pretty good hitter in the minors so I see why he got chances in the major leagues, but man he didn't hit much there.

Got 7 additions in the mail today:

carsonmatt.jpgMatt Carson - Didn't make it to the majors until he was 28, and didn't do a whole lot once he got there.

foulkekeith.jpgKeith Foulke - Led the AL in saves and had a 2.08 ERA in his single season on the team in 2003, then went to the Red Sox and won the World Series. Returned to the A's for a final not so great season in 2008.

foxjake03udpros.jpgJake Fox - Picked up from the Cubs, sucked in half a season, shipped to the Orioles.

freimannate.jpgNate Freiman - I liked him but he wasn't that good.

langerhansryan.jpgRyan Langerhans - If I recall correctly his epic 2-game A's career was purely because the Braves did not want to trade him directly to the division rival Nationals.

macfarlanemike96leafsigb.jpgMike Macfarlane - Spent the last 2 seasons of his career on the A's, 1998-99.

pridiejason.jpgJason Pridie - Played the last 6 games of his career with the 2015 team and went 0 for 9 with 4 strikeouts. Did get an exciting walk.

Gets me up to 517/685.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
A couple more today:

beckerrich96leafsigb.jpgRich Becker - 63 games for the A's 1999-2000 (spanning two centuries!). The bottom corners on this card are beat to hell but it's not worth my own aggravation to mess with it on eBay unless I'm feeling particularly pissy. I believe he signs TTM so I was going to send an A's card to him anyways.

zieglerbrad.jpgBrad Ziegler - Started his MLB career with 39 scoreless innings pitched, a record. Does not share my policy about not getting pissy on eBay. But to be fair, it's about Babe Ruth autos, not Rich Becker.


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